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So they conducted all this involving your underage child without your knowledge? No, no and more no. Not sure what to tell you to do but I know that I would definitely throw around the fact that your child had to go to the mayors office and such without involving his parent.
Maybe trying using a mix of lemon juice and water?
I haven't read every single response so I apologize if this is a repeat. I'm not sure about cost of living where you are as opposed to myself but we're a family of 7, one is a baby, and we average 600 per month on groceries and household products. I've noticed that even if I go in with a list that if I shop mindlessly without really thinking about money that I tend to grab extra things here and there and spend more than I'd like. Ideally I shop alone and have a set...
For most of the reasons people posted above.
My 12 yr old and 6 yr old are "gifted". I was always in advanced level classes but was I guess what you would call an average advanced level student. Ex dh (dad of 12 yr old) was tested as gifted. Current dh (dad of 6 yr old) was thoroughly average and in some areas below throughout school. So, not sure where the 6 yr old got it from The only issue that we've run into so far is that my older son felt like a bit of a weirdo among his friends for being pulled out for...
Quote: natrually flavored soda I recommend Jarritos My kids adore those. It's their treat if they happen to accompany me to the farmer's market.
I don't think you're too attached either. I think if at the time of the event if you feel you can trust her dad for a couple of hours to do as someone else suggested and just make an appearance.
I feel ya, boys clothes irritate me. I've been able to find a grand total of two tee shirts and 2 one piece outfits for summer that I like for my baby boy. I have 4 boys to dress, ugh. I so pine for the cute little girl clothes that dd used to wear.
Ocassionally handing him a toy or singing a song works but generally speaking my son sounds just like your dd. Drives me whacky. I so have to try the tape thing.
DD is 13 and is sooo open with me. I didn't have that with my mom but I love that she comes to me with anything and everything. She starts highschool next year and based on grades and test scores will be in all honors and one AP class. I'm proud of her And, this may sound silly, but she wore converse with her dress to a formal affair a few weeks ago and dangit, that makes me proud (coming from the mom who wore converse to her prom ) DS is 12 and is super crazy...
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