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I have 4 boys, all intact, and I think maybe once I've been squirted.
If I die and dh is still alive he'll of course have the younger 3. The older 2 are from a previous marriage. Between both my parents and him I'm sure that they would do everything possible to prevent them from going to their bio dad. If we both die, they go to my sister. She's 29, no kids yet but it is a solid relationship. I trust her, her ideals, morals, philosophy on education, etcetera.
Quote: lives with his elderly mother, has no job, has no license due to multiple DUIs, he may or may not at this time have a warrant out for him due to not paying child support. Do we have the same ex? If you're not able to bring him home I would definitely try to get some one on one time with him. It sounds like much of his current behavior is a cry for something. Maybe your attention, maybe not but it wouldn't hurt to give that a go.
Wow, your Josh sounds a lot like my Logan in the earlier years. Logan's dad is druggie/alcoholic who is in and out and Logan too was kicked out of preschool for biting. I took him to a therapist at that point who mentioned bipolar but that it was too early to diagnose. Logan completely and utterly idolized his dad until he spent a bit of time with him (day here and there) in the last couple of years and has realized what a loser he is. Anyway, is there the possibility...
My suggestion isn't what you want to hear but I'll share it anyway Leave it alone. In the grandest scheme of things it's not hurting anything. Yeah, she may need braces at some point in the future but if it's still serving as a soothing mechanism now I'd be hesitant to try to get her to stop.
Yes, for the most part I do. I was just going through my 6 and 7 yr olds clothes the other day and while it will be quite a while before my 9 month old will be able to wear them there were a few classic pieces that I saved for him. I tend to save the stuff that I know will still be in fashion, jeans, polos, etc. with the older kids stuff.
I voted yes however it wasn't because of us. My 7 yr old, 10 months at the time, had been bitten several times on the face and ear by another child at his daycare. I took him to the er, police were called and cps was called in to investigate the daycare. They did a home visit with us, going to assume it was just policy. Maybe to make sure we didn't have any rabid biting babies at home that may have done it? Anyway, at the time we lived in a teeny tiny house, 2...
My 12 and 13 yr olds have to check in w/me every 30 min or so. They both have cell phones so a call or text is sufficient. I still do not want them gone for hours at a time. We lived in a gated neighborhood so they're usually somewhere in the neighborhood. On occassion they visit 2 of the other adjoining neighborhoods and that's fine. This is all within a mile radius.
We both curse and while I don't think we should around the kids we still do. I have a really hard time censoring myself. Just today I said sh@* about something and my 7 yr old reminded me that I should instead say crap or darn That being said, my 13 yr old dd was just telling me the other day how some of her friends have started cussing and she thinks it's the stupidest thing because they're just trying to sound cool. I don't allow my kids to swear though. But in my...
I'm fortunate enough to live near 2 outlet malls. We typically buy the boys' sneakers (which they live in) at the Adidas outlet and my daughter's converse at the Converse outlet.
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