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The Unschooling Handbook, Mary Griffin. New condition. ($12 ppd)   Please pm me if you are interested.    
The Wise Enchanter:  A Journey Through the Alphabet ($10 ppd)          Used paperback but very good condition (only very minor shelf wear on corners)   A Little Garden Flower's A Journey Through Waldorf Homeschooling: Grade One, second edition--this is the one that she currently sells ($35 ppd)          Bound copy purchased new in 2010.  Never used other than thumbing-though.  Included DVD.   Barbara Dewey, Form Drawing ($8 ppd)   Eric Fairman's A Path of...
Oak Meadow Kindergarten Curriculum, 2001 edition   This includes:  Kindergarten syllabus, Kindergarten Fairy Tales, and First Book of Crafts   I bought this used so book binding looks well-loved--creases, edges have rounded with wear--but the inside is in good condition.  The illustrations are in black and white.     Along with this I will include The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit, with color pictures.  This is a picture book of 4 tales by Beatrix...
I was looking for something specific in the kindergarten book (archetypes of numbers) that is in the newer versions but the version I bought (used) was from 2001 and did not include the archetypes.  I already had other plans for kindy so I can't use the other parts since I had other things planned out.  I still think it is really good but it just didn't meet the specific need I have.  Let me know how you like it!  I'm looking hard at OM for grade 1.
Well, I mistakenly bought an Oak Meadow Kindy curriculum that I'm looking to find a new home for, if you're interested.  It is used.  I paid $110 postage paid for it, and I really need that back.  PM me if you're interested.   Onto other ideas:   Enki Education  Little Acorn Learning You can combine either of the above sources with Ambleside online or children's classic lit of your choice.   We are doing Little Acorn Learning along with Enki...
Thanks so much for that link!
Has anyone used this for the lower grades (like 1st-4th)?  What were your thoughts and what grade did you use?  Does anyone know why it isn't considered "Waldorf"?   Thanks!
Hi, everyone.  We're Waldorf-inspired but dd is only kindy age.     I've been looking at curricula for grade 1 and am curious if anyone has used Oak Meadow, and what that experience was like.  From looking at their website it seems like of all the Waldorf curricula I've seen this one would more easily adapt to the weekly rhythm we've already established.  I also like the color pictures, as I'm not very good at making a goose look like a G unless I can copy what...
We are in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.   Our style is a mix of Waldorf-inspired arts integrated with academics, Charlotte Mason living books, and eventually Classical edu. (but not that yet).  We are religious homeschoolers.   Dd is 5.5 so we'll be starting kindy this year, and we have never done a co-op.
LOL!  I have totally been there--and actually I have a few bouts of exuberance each year when I get new hs-ing inspiration.  I have to admit that it boggles my mind that other people aren't "all over" this like I am.  Homeschooling is just so wonderful!
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