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Had a massage followed by an acupuncture session yesterday. All signs seem to be pointing toward the next couple of days, I think. Finally seeing colostrum instead of clear discharge. Wearing "tacks" in my ears to keep some points stimulated. A friend suggested a shot of tequila would do the trick. At this point, I'm not sure I'm against it! LOL
I want to check on them a thousand times no matter what position they're in. I think that's why my daughter wound up napping in a sling so much.
Quote: Originally Posted by seattlemamma QUOTE]MyFillingQuiver~It (Tummy sleeping) seems to reduce the startle (arms flailing) reflex, and all... If this is the reason the baby keeps waking and LindsayK feels better not laying the babe on his tummy, I have found that a tight swaddle helps with this and gassy issues.[/QUOTE] Ah....got it. I thought you meant something about swaddling AND THEN putting them on their tummy, and I couldn't make...
Quote: Originally Posted by Altair I've used the diaphragm, but that's how my son got here unexpectedly! If you really don't want to get pregnant, it's a pretty high failure rate. I'm very, very happy with the copper IUD. I'm awaiting the arrival of a copper IUD baby. Everything can fail.
I asked my acupuncturist to do that today. She said girl. EVERYONE's been telling me boy. We'll see!
Quote: Originally Posted by seattlemamma Tummy slept here to. If you feel worried about it you might try swaddling...if you haven't already done that. What do you mean about swaddling relative to tummy sleeping or not?
Emotional train wreck? Check.
Depends where you're going to do the laundry. We've CD'd if we're going to someone's house, where laundry access will be frequent and easy, and wouldn't be under the scrutiny of the uninitiated/uninformed. I wouldn't want to be stockpiling many days of dirty diapers, plus, I think you might have a hard time even getting away with doing diaper laundry at a laundromat. Most people are pretty freaked out by the "poop in the washer" concept, and you might be kicked out. I...
That was great. Thanks for sharing the link!
No extra fees "per person" for us. The cost of their services is for prenatal care, birth, and post-partum/well baby care for 6 weeks. They choose to provide it via 2-3 people.
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