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NAK This seems to be a habitual thing with DD---especially in moments of stress, and rarely in happy, calm moments. She reaches behind her head to pull the hair on the back, and will pull the sides if she can't get at it. Not a frenzied thing, and she never pulls it out. It's like it's a coping thing, and makes me feel really bad. Thoughts?
I think a Moby wrap is perfect for you. It can be pretty tightly wrapped/tied in the beginning to wear her chest-to-chest in the newborn hug hold, and tied less tightly as she grows. I'd probably want to keep her chin far away from her chest, being that tiny, and hold her right next to me to monitor her breathing and keep her warm. Good luck and congrats! ETA: link to newborn hug hold http://www.mobywrap.com/t-instructions-NewBorn.aspx You can also cradle hold.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ifluffedthree thousands of years big diaper butt 60 years narrow diaper butt I think time will speak for itself and baby will be fine. That's the conclusion I came to after thinking about it for a while, but at first I kind of jumped straight to thinking I had done something wrong or had misjudged her size or something. I just assumed it was something I was screwing up. Chalk it up to being a new,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Galatea If it has zinc in it, it is not okay for cloth diapers. Why?
Wow, no kidding? That's good to know! I just imagine her wanting to close her legs, but I guess that's me projecting on to her! Thanks!
Is it okay for the diaper? I'm using BumGeniuses. ETA: it says it has some lanolin in it, as well as some oils like coconut oil and EPO.
I just got my first couple of BumGenius 3.0 diapers for my 5wo and am using both the insert and the doubler and her legs are seriously spread wide open! I mean, there's like 4 inches of diaper between her legs! Is this okay/safe/healthy for her leg and hip development?
Thanks for the replies! I'm cool with waiting for them to dry, and washing separately, etc. I have super-hot/sanitize settings on my washer and dryer, so I think I can get them clean enough (especially if they're just soaking up pee and poo moisture, not poo solids). I thought about the squishing out thing---which is why I was thinking of backing them with a regular microfiber insert to take the excess moisture and hold it better. I think I'll give it a...
NAK Just starting to see what I like, and I hate the bulk, but wondered if you could use something like a few strips of Shamwows (maybe sewn together) as inserts instead of or in addition to regular ones (instead of doubling)?
Why is it that every time someone starts a thread asking for pain-free birth experiences or experiences with hypnobabies, someone ALWAYS has to come along and derail the thread with how they think pain is normal and fine? That's not what the OP asked for: Quote: so anyone who has actually experienced a pain free or less painful birth, please share your story with me! No one wants to hear about painful births when they've asked for stories of NOT...
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