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sorry for the delay SJ, i have Alya added now!   eta:  hm...no idea why it reposted the entire list here, but im not going to mess with it for fear it will delete it all!  is that some new MDC quirk on the new system re: editing old posts?
February 2011 Babies!     January 5    Andrew Theodore  8:00a - 6lbs 7oz - 18 inches. born to alicia9178     January 10    Isaac Dakota & Caleb Lee    2:21a - 7lbs 9oz - 18.5 inches 2:36a - 7lbs 1oz - 20.67 inches born to Kitkat5505     January 11    Calliope Fern    3:26a - 7lbs 3oz - 19.5 inches. born to stormgirl     January 20    Jakob Eli-Cain   4:34a - 7lbs 14oz - 19 3/4 inches. born to fairymom   Henry...
thanks, i've got her added!!  love her name ... we almost named our twin girls isabel and violet!
i think i have the list updated and all 71 of our babies added.  if i've missed anyone, please let me know!  
congrats mama!  let me know the birthdate and i'll add you to the birth announcements thread (i didnt see it here..?)  
ETA - another girl was announced after i posted the tally, so the girls officially outnumber the boys 33 to 32 now...
  we got these for our girls, they say "parent" throughout and there is no reference to a "daddy" that must be crossed out.  they are really nice, handmade books.  we've been very happy with them.   http://www.baby-memory-books.com/Baby_s_First_Year_by_Molly_West_Handbound_Books_p/mw-fyb-peripolkalots.htm 
  Since the Birth Announcement thread seems to be slowing down, I thought I'd tally some numbers as of this morning:   We've had 64 babies born so far - 32 girls and 32 boys!!   23 babies came early, in January   40 valentine babies came in February   1 baby (so far) has come in March   We had three sets of girl/girl twins and one set of boy/boy twins.  No boy/girl twins in this DDC.   The biggest baby weighed 10lbs 10oz and the smallest...
thanks echo, i've got it updated now!  what a sweet name :)
 i was away from the computer for the past three days and had a LOT of catching up to do this morning.  if i've missed anyone or gotten any details wrong, please let me know!    congrats to all of the new mamas!!
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