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lol here is a big DUH!!!! moment for me...... HI !!!! and OMG D is too cute! and yay for hearing the lovely HB!
thinking of you! 
H jynx!!!!! I keep up with you on FB, thinking about you.   wow! climbing is amazing our babies are growing fast!   No walking free yet, she can cruise along furniture or while holding on to her brother and sister, lol! She can stand  from a squatting position and she goes up and down LOL my other two never did that like Sång. And BTW I love to hear "mama" all of my kiddos said "mama" FIRST :-) hehe...   Kimiro Congratulations!!!   My DH roasts our coffee beans from...
All is well over here!   The older too are doing well at school our son in Kinder and older DD in 3rd, just had there spring concerts. Sångs iron was low so giving her floravital. Sång tuned 1 year on 3/15!! It was so fun and all the memories of her being born at 30 weeks. She is well about 15 lbs and cruising the furniture, she now tries to take a step if she is close enough to the couch as she can stand freely from a squatting position LOL! She says about 7 words...
we are ok! Our kiddos don't go to SH we live in a different town but we know families in newtown :-( so sad.
OK here is my birth beads that I made into a nursing necklace since Sång gets distracted while NIP sometimes. I love it and so does Sång.  i am finishing up her amber teething necklace. Did anyone else finish the birthing beads into something?    
From DD:   WOW! Cool!   funny this is got to
Sång is now in size 6 mths but she wears cloth so I up her onezies to 9mth she weighs..... 14lbs now!     awwww they are growing too fast :-)   EDIT: I just tried on her 3 mth onesie by carter with a prefold and cover that size still fits well. OOKKKK  I was just packing them up to give away since we got 6mth size ones we are staying on the 6-9 mths :-)
keeping it short   Baby's Age This Month: 8.5 mths   How are you feeling/adjusting? tired.   Anything different/new than what you were expecting?(about baby, parenthood, anything) did i say i was tired lol!   Any new tricks baby is trying out? she can say 3 words well, mama, "A" we think its "hej" which means hi in swedish pronounced like (hay) because she says it at the right times to say hi she is still crawling like wind up toy and loves to "stand"  up...
Did we have a show us birthing necklace thread, I may gave missed it with Sång being early.   I am just now finishing the nursing necklace my beads will become, as she get distracted sometimes when NIP. I'll put it up when i'm done. Let's see them!
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