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I was just looking at Sångs preemie clothes she has outgrown she is now in NB! but I was happy and sad at the same time.   We also sun our cloth diapers, it is magic!
Sång Meer rolls over! video!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ybwrQvRyRI         I can't believe it, She is 4.5 weeks old adjusted (3.5 mths since birth)
OK!!!! DH got back home wed! yay! so of course I went back to the gym thursday (yesterday) it was great I did the Precore AMT, it's a machine that is a stepper and an eliptical crosstrainer, I love this machine!  Today I will be going back to ZUMBA I'm so excited. It has been 3 weeks DH was gone and I had to do Home workouts, it was fine but I felt I could not destress as much as when I can get to the gym on my own KWIM? It has been 14 weeks since Sångs birth and 8...
yay! this is wonderful, I am so glad she is doing well yay!
Yes her head control is pretty good, no med issues.... I just read it in the pamphlet it said 8 lbs. I was telling DH i should try to put it on, i think she will be just fine, though i'm a little intimidated by how to follow the wrapping directions.I bet there is a video if I google it.
I love the colored ring sling!  I have two maya wraps ring slings we have are like a light toupe ish green???? I do have a moby (gift from mjlovesj) but she has tobe 8lbs first so I haven't tried it yet...can't wait though!     meredith you look great!!!! he looks comfy and so cute in there :-)
The progress is great news Cristeen sending many prayers and healing thoughts to you and LO. I found it amazing how much support we got when DD was in the NICU for 4 weeks truly a blessing. BTW yes when you have a LO in the NICU it is usually required to learn a CPR video we also had to watch other videos because she was preemie.  So don't let it alarm you hugs!
great news, sending prayers!
beautiful babies and great pics!   Sång is 13 weeks old! (3 weeks is her adjusted age) she is the size of a newborn now last week she was 6.9lbs and 19 inches long haven't weighed her this week but I'm sure she is over the 7 lb mark  
dd1 was born with very dark almost black eyes then around 4ish mths old they started to turn blur and they stayed bright sky blue until she was about 20 mths then they turned hazel green ds has my eyes a beautiful chocolate brown they have always been that color. dd2 was born with very dark almost black eyes but now are grey blue, don't know what color they will settle on.   FYI I was told green eyes can take the longest to settle everyone thought DD1 eyes would...
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