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that are not pro-circ or anti-circ, if pssible.  Any suggestions? (Asking because I'm in the process of adopting a boy from Eastern Europe.  There's a FB group for those of us adopting from this specific country, and a discussion going on there that it is best to circ as soon as the boys come home to avoid future problems. Started by a mom who adopted a 2 yr old who is now 8, from China, and says he's "always" had problems w/ it, but the problems are caused because...
    Requested 12/14, Added by TiredX2: XS 4/5 off-white long johns, NIP.   Requested 12/15, Added by TiredX2: Size 6 white long johns, EUC, used twice, no stains/holes etc.  
Women's sweaters $7.20 shipped http://moneysavingmom.com/2010/12/target-com-merona®-womens-scoopneck-ribbed-sweaters-for-7-20-shipped.html
Thanks!!  I showed my DH the Ikeahack, and the expensive one -- he says he can probably build something like that. =) I did think of the cat door to the garage.  Worry about her running off though, if we don't realize she's out there, and then getting hurt or sick.  Or pregnant, she'll be fixed, but I think she's not old enough yet. (Thinking they have to be like 6 mos? In any case she has a vet appt next week and we'll find out then)
Suede comforter for $1.99.  Or an umbrella & tote bag same price. http://moneysavingmom.com/2010/12/onestopplus-navy-tote-umbrella-or-suede-comforter-for-1-99-shipped.html
Just curious as to what others are doing because I'm not coming up with a good solution. We got a new kitten last week. The litter box won't fit next to the toilet on either side, which had been my plan.  So right now it's in front of the toilet, turned sideways so it's lengthwise against the wall.  Which is ok but not really great because we have to move it (usually just to the hall) for showers/baths or step over it wet which tends to be a mess.  (also a mess anyway...
-Size 3t boys play pants.  Mostly jeans w/ holes in the knees. ;)  Some stains. My son is "all boy" and we live in the country....so he is always climbing things and falling, or falling off his bike, or getting covered in mud or whatever...  We've kept him wearing pants that are kinda too small as playclothes but now he's in 4R and the 3t's are really too small so time to pass them on.  If someone else has a 'rough & tumble' little boy that could use some...
Toddler Table - $8, Toy grocery cart w/ food - $6, free ship-to-store, JC Penney: http://moneysavingmom.com/2010/12/jcpenney-com-toddler-activity-table-for-8-shipped-toy-shopping-cart-with-food-for-6-shipped.html
Boy's Monster Hoodies with Horns - love these! - sizes XS and S are already sold out.   http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10001_-1_652846_130825_26601%7C72469%7C126198_boy%7Coutfits%7Csweaters%20and%20fleece_bigboys 
Photo album of how to safely wear a winter coat in the carseat: http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php...d=655405427102 You can also do a search on youtube for the same topic.
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