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Conrat's Zub and welcome Charlie!!!   Under - your going to have a really fast labour once things start with all this starting and stopping - I'm betting before the weekend is over!
Any of the mamas want to share how it is going and swap tips or encouragement?   After nursing DS for 3yrs I thought it would be easy this time around (I experienced almost every major problem with him) Although it is many ways, this babes latch got rough with engorgement - ouch! Luckily I hired a LC ahead of time and she's already been here a couple of times and is available whenever I need her - it takes a load of worry off for sure. I'm on the oversupply...
Congratulations and welcome baby Sage!!
Yay Under! - I hope this is it!   I hope all those with babes are enjoying their babymoon and the others come soon!
Best wishes for a wonderful labour!! That's how my contractions were and I was exhausted from not being able to sleep - hopefully baby comes quickly :)
Oh my - that's a great birth story!! congratulations to you!!
Congrat's Dannic! Good for with you an almost 11 lber - I think he's the biggest of the group so far! 
Congrat's to Skinny, Pregnova and Silly!!    We had our baby boy too!! Over 9lbs o cute baby rolls! - we are adjusting, but doing well:)   Hope everyone else is doing well too!
Is anyone else's baby totally moving like crazy in between the contrax? Mine have reaaaaalllly picked up in strength, but aren't close together yet and I can't sleep b/c he's literaly rolling all over the place and punching/grinding my cervix like crazy. He's usually pretty active, but not like this. I'm wondering if I'm in labour and he knows it and is trying to dig out too????   I think there will be some fast births with all this pre-labour action - hopefully...
Thank you for sharing - the photo's tell so much happiness :) 
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