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Definitely a good question - I like all the ideas.   So far I've got planned - a few post baby gifts - books or activities that he and I can do quietly while I'm nursing or while baby is sleeping - got some fabric paint and he painted his own big brother shirt to wear - got a journal that I will put "brother" things in (tracing his hand and the baby's hand, adding details about their relationship as they grow etc, special pictures) - I picked up a book about...
I know this little guy is definitely in more sleep/awake cycles and the sleep cycles seem to be much longer. Movements are definitely restricted at this stage, but you say hardly ever - does that mean throughout the day you're not noticing patterns of movement at usual times? When my little guy is a little more quiet and I get wondering I know there are always a few tricks to get him going - even just poking him will get him to move a little.  I will say there are...
Congrats and welcome to Simon and Grace!! Both big for being early - that's wonderful! Enjoy those sweet little babes :)
Congratulations Hibiscus!! What a little sweetie!! And what a big girl for being 2 weeks early - that's great! Hopefully the first days and nursing are all going well :)
That's a good idea about the depends/panty type. Last time I had a c-sec and the mesh panties and large pads they gave me at the hospital actually did a good job. I found I didn't have a lot of PP bleeding and don't remember what I used when I got home. thanks for the input!
I'm am so sorry :( 
Full moon babies - I hope we have some healthy little babes joining us soon!!   Names - no name here yet and it's driving me crazy. I have a name that I keep going back to, DH isn't sold on it, but can't think of anything better - so who knows - good thing we've hopefully got a few more weeks!   I'm really excited about a fall baby too. I'm not so excited about cold and flu season though. I like that when we go for a walk now the air smells crisp and I'm not...
I asked in the chat, but it's moving fast!   What do you guys have for PP pads? The natural ones don't look like they'll last very long, and the regular ones have a dry-weave which is apparently irritating PP - so I'm looking for some good ones.   Any other PP stuff that people are still looking for?
Angel - that soc bun curl thing is great - I've never seen anything like that! Isn't it great that someone looked at a sock one day and thought "how can I put this in my hair"... ha ha!   Pregnova - the mind games are more exhausting than anything some days! Maybe all this pre labour stuff will make lot's of progress for you anyway and the actual labour will be easier:)   Micro - you sound like you're getting really close too - exciting!! Good luck on your GBS -...
If it would give you piece of mind so you can have a successful vbac, then I don't think it would hurt. You're not going to be doing a full anatomy scan, so it shouldn't take very long. 
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