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Hey there Mama's, I was wondering if anyone is near Northern Virgnia and willing to help me with maintenance on my dreads? I don't even really know what I mean when I say maintenance but I think I just want them cleaned up a bit. My 1 year dready birthday is in March. thanks.
Hey there Mama's question for you all How do your dreads feel? Are they itchy or soft? Mine are a bit itchy to touch I'm wondering if I should or could soften them up a bit.
Happy New Year dready mama's. Adon, I am in the process of fixing my ends, they were all wispy some had just naturally rounded themselves but in the back most did not. It looked really messy, and drove me crazy. But with them fixed by a friend I love them. She used crochet hook and did some other magic. Hope it works for you. We have had to do some a few times until they stayed.
Oh, Farrensquare your dreads are beautiful and your baby looks precious and sweet.  congrats
Hey there mama's my dreads are 8 months old and I'm loving them. But have a question for you all about how your dreads feel... My dreads feel dry not soft.. is that how they should feel, I want to maybe condition them with something but don't know what to use. At the moment I wash every 3 to 4 days with baking soda in water with some essential oils and rinse with ACV and water. Also I just bought a wool tam and wore it for the first time yesterday would that make them...
we can do thursday, ideas of where you want to meet.
I have 45 dreads with a bunch of loose hair in the back that hopefully will dread up one of these days.. I'm 6 months in now...
Ok, I'm going to try this one... I hope it works for me I have been trying to figure out a new deoderant for a long time now. Thanks...
That park looks amazing.... a little far but probably worth the drive..
Farmgirl your dreads look great.... Majikfaerie I love those beads, very pretty.
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