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Like everyone else, I stopped posting in the thread several days ago, until someone else deemed it urgent to post once again about how terribly unfair it was of people to take insult from being insulted.
Because the question asked in the OP was basically ‘They’re stupid, right?’ It certainly wasn’t ‘how often does the power go out in that part of the country?’ – because it was stated, fairly unequivocally, that it must go out all the time! based on absolutely no specific knowledge at all, and then from this it was extrapolated that people are obviously relying on “a fragile grid system,” ergo, ‘they’re stupid, right?’   In terms of my child, for starters, since I’m...
Article about some of the city's poorest and the power outage. In New York's Public Housing, Fear Creeps in with the Dark   I think it's mentioned in the article, but just to be clear, the Coney Island, Red Hook and Jacob Riis projects are all in low-lying areas.
I think the problem, and hence the mention of privilege in the first place, was the assumption that everyone has access to exactly what you have access to, and the only possible difference could be being too stoopid. I do regular day-to-day life without a car, and I carry or push by hand back to my home pretty much everything I need. Having to do that could be a crisis in a different environment (what was that about being so awesomely 'not dependent on the system'? Yeah)....
Can't make edit work on the phone, GAS stoves.
I totally forgot this last night, but actually, most people here do have has stoves, which still work when the power goes out. So the only purpose of a camping stove is maximizing damage. Food spoilage is the major issue. Restaurants give food away in these types of situations, when they know the power won't be back before it spoils.
Oh, and in terms of outdoor space and camping stoves and such? My family and I stayed inside for several days. We don't have private outdoor space, but even if we did, we didn't want to get killed by the huge trees breaking and falling all over our neighborhood. The city still isn't letting people in the parks.
I've lived in Brooklyn since 1996, and in that time, I've lost power once, in 2003. When the power was also out hundreds or thousands of miles in every direction. I have in that time expected to possibly lose power and stocked up on shelf stable foods and filled up containers of extra water...twice, this week and last year. It's not really that fragile a system. I know plenty of people without power now, and they are all, as a previous poster said, eating non-perishable...
 ‘I feel bad for [whoever]’ is a very loaded phrase indicating pity at best, distain at worst. I can see how it could be used innocently, but I would beg you not to – it is quite profoundly unhelpful.
  So, you feel sorry for anyone who didn't have exactly the same parenting experience that you had, because you assume it couldn't possibly have been any good? This does not help either. Just as most people notice that one in five formula fed babies aren't dead, most people notice that there can still be a wonderful mother/child relationship without nursing. It's just spreading guilt and condescension to absolutely no good effect.  
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