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Hey there,   I don't have any links for you but I just want you to know you're not alone.   I'm bipolar 1 with psychotic features. I see stuff and have a hard time judging between whats real and what isn't. I'm fortunate to have a great psychiatrist (pdoc) and all my symptoms are well controlled on medication. I had to go through a number of pdoc's til I found one whom I could relate to. I hope you're able to find one, too.   My best suggestion and piece of...
I ended up agreeing to be paid hourly if she'll cover the cost of the materials. So, I'll charge $10 an hour. I'm quite confident in my sewing abilities... so this sounds like a good plan. I figure I can make 2 diapers in that time so she's getting a good deal. Thanks for your input, guys!
Not sure if this is where to post... but its a question about diapering so this seems like a good place. I've been asked to sew a stash of cloth diapers for a friend's friend. I've sewn tons of diapers before - two girlfriends asked me to make their stashes but both times they paid for the materials and I 'gifted' my time and labour to make them as a baby gift. I've only ever made Rita Rump Pocket diapers. I know that they have their limitations but both the friends...
I crocheted a net bag and just threw my spoiled pads in the bag and then washed them all at once when my period was over along with the rest of my laundry (I don't have any babies in diapers at this point) At first I used to rinse but I haven't done that in years now... it was just too much work plus the water gets pretty gross even after just a few hours. I have a few crocheted tampons that I used last summer for swimming at the lake but about six cycles ago I...
Lamotrigine has also been my saviour, too.
I did another 3km since my last post and am now at 27.5km. I lost half a pound. Chuggin' Along, -Dee
Care to join us, Bunny? We're havin' a great time! -Dee
Hey there, I did another 9.5km. I'm at 24.5km! I'll get to Whitehorse eventually! As of Monday I lost 1 pound. Its progress. -Dee
I've decided to post once a week, on Mondays when I weigh in... I'm at 15km so far. I've got my sister roped into this challenge too. She said she'll keep track of her km's herself, though, but will be reading this tread as we make our way across Canada! -Dee
I did 5km on my bike and 1km on the treadmill. So I'm up to 12.75km -Dee
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