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I needed this advice! I have fallen hard for someone and I am terrified that it won't work out because of the baggage that I have right now.. 
I raise Delawares for eggs, I haven't tried them as meat birds yet.. Freedom Rangers are good meat birds 
For those of you who are making your own toothpastes.. Where are you buying your supplies and how exactly are you making it (like the proportions you are using)?  Thanks!!
Apparently, my dh and myself have different opinions on what cheating is.. We have had a rough year in our marriage both financially and emotionally. This weekend I was out of town with our children. When I gone my dh was texting me telling me that he got some girls number while at a bar on Saturday (he went with his sisters to celebrate one of their birthdays, I knew he was going but didn't think this would happen.) He was bragging that he still has appeal to "the...
Hi everyone. I would like to join in with you! I have tried quite a few times but I have always given up etc. I just went through and added up my budget and debts. I am a little surprised. I knew that we had alot of expenses, but I didn't know my debts were quite that high! I can barely pay the monthly bills and commitments so I always just threw the ones that I knew I couldn't pay in a stack without even opening them, I know real bright! :( Well I got the courage up to...
I am trying to get a little stockpile of foods. What do you buy in bulk? What have you stockpiled? I am getting ready to place an order for some bulk beans. Thinking of getting black beans, white beans, and lentils..
I need some suggestions for some easy to make lentil recipes. I keep buying lentils and have no idea what to do with them! :) Thanks!! 
How do you deal with multiple intolerances with different family members? I am having some testing done for gluten and dd cannot have any dairy and soy due to intolerances. I am always at a loss of what to cook for meals, and then I have ds who isn't showing any intolerances at this point.. How do you do it? any go to recipes? We are just getting tired of the same things..  
I have no words... I am so sorry!! 
  April 9th-    $45 to our local animal shelter (our dog got out and we had to pay to get her back)  April 10th-  April 11th-  April 12th-  $10.70 Starbucks April 13th-  April 14th- 
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