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noo advice, but I would love to know about the nfo you have found on this!!
Quote: Originally Posted by JaneS It's possible to not digest milk casein (or lactose) well and thus have symptoms ...and traditional food allergy tests would be negative b/c they don't test for this. There are drawbacks to relying solely on allergy testing as your ruler. However, I would sincerely rethink soy, the phytates in it block nutrient absorption (studies have shown children don't growth as well on a high phytate diet) as well as there is the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mosesface just out of curiosity, who IS allowed to buy it? ridiculous isn't it!!! I guess anyone with a Drs note lol..
Quote: Originally Posted by kjbrown92 Well a lot of people who can't have dairy, also can't have soy. So it's not that great an idea to replace milk with soy. She does better with soy. We have been battleing the exzema for a while now and it seems like dairy is a big trigger. She can have extremely minimal amounts and anything more her arms and thighs just break out. she drinks eitther rice/soy milk at home, her ice cream is soy.. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by tribalmax That is NUTS! I would let your dd choose. Either you can send soy milk, or she can do the blood test and (maybe) buy it. If you do opt for testing, ask for EMLA cream --- it is a topical numbing cream that will make the blood draw virtually painless. Thank you! Giving her the option is a great idea. I think she gets a kick out of buying it since I don't let her get lunches at all..
I have a "theory" that my dd's exzema is worsened by dairy products.. Well her school decided that she could not buy soy milk without a dr's note. She likes to buy the milk..I am not sure why LOL. I always pack her lunch and then she buys the soy milk. Well I called her Dr to get a note so she can buy the soy milk. He will not write her a note unless I bring in and have her tested for allergies. She is 6, and I know she will flip out about a blood test.. Should I even do...
I have a really bad cold and am exhausted so it is brussel sprouts, quinoa, ad beans tonight..
Quote: Originally Posted by catnip I'm in Sacramento. We don't have it anywhere here yet, but there are a couple of places that are planning on carrying it. Talk about resetting the bar on fake cheese. Thats basically where I am!! If you find it can you pm me?? Or pm me and let me know the places that plan on carrying it?? Please
My copy came!! I am only to chapter 4, but it is a great book!! Thanks for giving me the idea of getiing it
just canceled my stbx's cell phone from my plan.. so I just gained $52/month! I knew you ladies would share the excitement of that!! It has been really hard (in all aspects but especially financially) with the separation and I feel like I am in such a financial hole that I will never get out of, so that $52 feels good.. Now if I could just get out of the pre-step I would be good
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