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not a whole lot to say.. just wanted to send
I am so sorry! I am in a similair situation except my family and friends know my stbx's real side.. it is all the other prople we know like the kid's teachers, thier friend"s parents, not very close friends, etc. that are just shocked that I couldd leave the perfect husband/dad.. HA if they only knew!!
I am in! I have a whole lot of financial hurdles coming in this next year! Including learning how to survive financially as a single parent with little support.. Subbing
What is a good/easy vegan cookbook that is kid friendly? I am giong to try and make the switch from vegetarian to vegan, but I need recipes that don't take a ton of ingredients..
I bought myself The Kind Diet and Vegan Cookies.. I am still debating on whether to order 1 more..
Thanks for this thread! I have suspected that I have a gluten issue going on between symptoms like IBS and headaches after eating, but I haven't started eliminating yet.. this gives me a good start..
ok I am enabled very easily LOL I just ordered it from amazon with some Christmas $$ I can't wait to get it!!
I was just looking at this book the other day!
Ok I need this book LOL..
I love seeing everyones envelope catagories!! Can others share theirs?? I am going to start the envelopes with my first paycheck in Jan so I would really like more ideas!! Thanks!!
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