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I was discussing it with DH and that is almost exactly his advice: Probiotics. So I'm making yogurt later and adding coconut oil to my diet. 
Weaning tips? PLEASE? I know he's only 18mo but I'm done. I don't love it anymore. I'm starting to resent having to do it. I'm tired of the soreness with the crappy latch and the tantrums when I say "not right now."  We already don't nurse in public or at night. But during the day he views it as open bar. He will seriously refuse water and food if I don't force him to go until he's desperate for something. (He's gotten slightly dehydrated before because he wanted to...
  Something in some soaps and lotions....and bandaid adhesive. I never came up with a common thread. I have to be careful with scented soaps as repeated use can cause rashes.
It says on the jar that it's processed in a place that does soy, nuts, shellfish, wheat...but I eat those things alone and never have an issue. Hence the confusion. All of the spices listed I've eaten with no problem. Could it have been a combo thing?
Nope. Nothing new at all in the last few weeks. Originally I thought it was PMS related but I got my cycle and it continued. 
For about a week now I've been having lower GI issues each morning. It's just in the morning...no matter what I eat the night before. It happens BEFORE my morning coffee so that's not the problem either (Thank Heaven) I end up with diarrhea every 30-45mins for a couple of hours.    After that everything is fine. NO idea what's causing it as "morning" seems to be the only common factor. Thoughts?
So yesterday I used a new product (all natural from the Farmer's Market). I taste as I cook so I was gradually eating spoonfuls of it. The only ingredient not TRULY listed is "spices."    I was standing at the counter and alarm bells went off and I realized I had to focus to swallow...my throat was swelling. I grabbed the children's Benedryl and drank a couple of sips (straight from the bottle) The swelling stopped 15min later. I chucked the food (my DH didn't want...
Recently I was wearing my 18mo in the Ergo to the store. As I walked inside I had 3 different people shoot me dirty looks! One guy even slowed his car down to glare in my direction. I wasn't dressed inappropriately so I'm fairly certain it was the Ergo...   WTH? Since when is BWing an offensive act?   FTR: Only 2 of them were "older" (elderly) the third girl was closer to my age (20s)      Anyone else have that experience?
Wow. This entire article made my head spin. I agree and disagree at the same time. Do I think that society as a whole needs a revamp on how we treat children? Yes. But I do not think it's fair to take a few families in LA and judge American children AS A WHOLE by that.    My brother and I were fairly self sufficient growing up...because we had to be. My parents owned their own janitorial business and cleaned at night. A lot of times that meant we stayed at home...
EXACTLY THIS. When she gets tired she get snappy with everyone (including me). Yesterday she got me GOOD a few times (those needle like puppy teeth...OUCH) so I took her out to potty (she chewed on the leash the whole time and never went) and put her in the crate with her "crate chew" (rawhide). She whined about 2mins and laid down to chew her rawhide and the next time I looked she was asleep. I think it's like kids don't learn to self regulate for awhile...
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