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I am *exactly* where you are. It's been almost 4 months since he dropped the bombshell and I'm still reeling, still terrified, still pissed as hell. But I'm dealing, and you will too.
Wow! I am in awe. I'm still just trying to figure out the working full time thing. You are *awesome!*
We've moved. Bought my house. Getting settled. Started working. The kids in "pre-school" in a place that has a sliding fee scale, so the price will drop drastically as soon as the divorce goes through. Filed this week, but still working on getting the settlement papers filled out. Good God, after 15 yrs together, there's so much to go through. Hoping to finish it up today, yesterday I didn't do anything but cough and sleep. Would LOVE to turn it in to the...
My first one in *weeks* and I'm sick as I've ever been. BUT, in the new house, computer is up and running and things are progressing slowly. Wish I felt better, but it's coming. At least when I cough today, I'm not vomiting or collapsing on the floor in tears from the pain. Not sure if anyone even remembers me, but I'm here.
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz If it's an honest truthful email about what a loser her new bf (your ex) is, don't send it. She'll find out soon enough. And it would just sound like sour grapes anyway. If it's an honest truthful email about your kids, the best way to talk to them, difficulties they might be having, things you want to share about them - think about sending it, but maybe that's a better talk to have in person. Not at all...
Quote: Originally Posted by MissSavannahsMommy Is this is a good email or a bad email? Well, I guess that would depend on who's point of view. Here's the story in a *very* short version. 15 years together. He's military and left last July for a year long assignment away from us. He drank heavily almost from the day he arrived (not like him) and spent TONS of $$ (again, NOT like him) He asked for a divorce in November. I told him if he...
I tandem nursed for almost 3 years. My older dd weaned just shy of her 4th bday and my youngest nursling turned 3 6 weeks later and is still nursing strong!
Not an I hate you email but just an honest, truthful email?
Vanessa. No words of wisdom, just if you're reading, know I'm thinking of you with love.
Dd1 weaned a few months ago, but dd2 just turned 3 and is still going almost hourly when we're home. Maybe I'll be posting this in a couple of years! Good to see you still around.
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