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My DD is about 5.5 months old now and getting active.  We need to get her some wooden or eco friendly toys. Any recommendations?  My mom has given her plastic sound making toys and I'd like something a little better for her. :)
My DD just hit 5 months old and I'm already getting comments about starting solids. DH and I have talked about delaying until 9 months to a year because we figure that will give her gut more time to seal.  I plan on not giving her grains until at least 2 years old and feeding her GAPS style.  Is there a benefit to delaying solids? 
I can't believe my DD is already 5 months old.  :( It feels like time is flying and I miss my newborn.  How do you all deal with this?
My ped doesn't tell us the percentages but my DD is around 12 pounds. She's a peanut!
I suspect my DD has a yeast rash and I want to make sure my diapers are ok for her to use when she gets over the rash.  I have bleached them and washed them in super hot water.  Is there anything else I should do, or will they be fine?
She is only 5 months old so she's ebf still.  I'll have to look for that diaper cream.  She's been getting nakey time and I'll have to increase it.  Thanks so much for the help!   I feel awful, like it is my fault :( Like maybe I didn't get the diapers clean enough or I ate too much sugar or something.  I keep beating myself up about it.  
My DD has had this rash for a couple weeks now. When we were at the ped, she said it was probably a heat rash.  Well it's spread now and it's all red.  It just looks like patchy red skin.  Around her anus she has little pimples.  Is this all yeast?  I have been doing grapefruit seed extract on it and I bleached all my cloth diapers.  I was putting clotrimazole on it and then felt guilty because it's not natural. :(  What should I do?  Please help!!
We'll probably do this approach too.  I'm not ready for DD to have solids yet and she's not either though. :)
I agree with all of the above too!  
I struggled with this too.  I figured an herbal option was fine.  I would try it and see how it goes!
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