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Sorry, Jenlaana, if I misinterpreted your post's meaning and unintentionally misdirected it towards "grubby is in" kids. I do, however, think that the "grubby look" deserves some discussion, so I am off to make a new thread for it.
Well, you have to remember that with teens and preteens now, sloppy is "in." They LOVE to wear clothes that are stained or dirty (especially jeans) and that have holes in them. My kids are that way, and I just let them decide what they want to wear. They look "stylishly grubby" and frankly I don't mind. Many of the clothes they wear to school and elsewhere look really messy (and actually really are). But so are the clothes of 90% of the other kids their age. So what? ...
I think the answer to the whole chess matter is a simple little 2-letter word : "NO!" Just stop playing it with her.
I have never seen mj use as "drug use" and to be honest, it has almost become a standard "rite of passage" for teens. I also don't see what the big deal is about his using it (although he should have known better than to use it at the bus stop). I don't think you are doing anything wrong as a mother. And to be honest, I don't think your DS is really doing anything wrong either by using it (just my opinion). Bad judgment on his part using at that time and location?...
Just my opinion, but i think you (the OP) totally overreacted. I wouldn't have aproblem with this at all.
My boys (ages 13 and 11) have co-ed sleepovers and go to co-ed sleepovers all the time and we have no problem with it.
I got HORRIBLE grades in high school (mostly D's and D-'s, a decent number of F's, a small scattering of C's, only 2 B's -- in "cake" classes-- and NO A's AT ALL!!). I ended up 441 out of 465 in my graduating class. I was also the "bad girl" who got in trouble alot and had "loose morals" and alot of sex from 9th grade on. Yet I made it into a state college, did pretty well, and when I graduated I ended up with a very good job and good income. So, no, my lousy grades and...
I would have already been gone so fast it would have made his christian head spin! Christianity creeps me out anyway, and I definitely wouldn't want it in a karate class. I would not want my kids exposed to such crap at all, ever.
I think Neoma is right. I swear that sometimes ir seems like people use the term "teen" to be synonomous with "diease." I hear people say, "well, if you've got teens, you know what I mean!" Or "She's a teen; what do you expect?" I've even known of people who scrunch up their faces and say "You've got TEENAGERS??" I think comments like that do a huge disservice to a wonderful age group. In my opinion, if we would let teens have more say in the way things run, things...
I really don't see a problem here. This too shall pass. I would just continue to ignore it. My youngest always inserted "ass" into just about everything he said at a young age. Plus "shit" and its derivatives. It was harmless and we just let it go. (Actually it was also kinda cute).
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