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Thanks, Jessy! We have found the same thing about appropriateness. You don't usually have to teach them anything at all about when "swear words" are or are not appropriate; they seem to develop a working knowledge of it. So we just allow it and go on from there. My boys actually find it rather strange that people get uptight about "certain words" since they have never been saddled with that guilt. They think it's kind of funny, actually! They were 3 and 4 years old and...
I'm sorry, but I have trouble relating to the worry over this! We have always allowed the full-blown, so-called "swear words" in our house from the kids...tempered with teaching them when such words are appropriate and when they are not. However, we have never allowed racist, homophobic, or demeaning words. In the final analysis, words are just words; kids are going to hear and learn them anyway, so why sweat it? We don't. Never have and never will!
Censorship is very repugnant to us, so no, we don't censorship anything at all from the kids in our house and we never have. Of course, my boys are older now (14 and 12) but we never have censored, even when they were small. We especially don't believe in language censorship, but instead teach the boys what words are appropriate (or acceptable, I guess, would be a better term) in which contexts. We also have never censored for violence or sex in our household either. Of...
I am just entering this phase of my boys' life,so it's interesting timing for this question. I have 2 boys, ages 14 and 12, and the 14 y/o is now expressing an interest in starting his sex life. We are very sex positive in our house, and don't mind if he and his girlfriend (or boyfriend -- although in this case it IS a girlfriend) do it at home. In the case of his girlfriend's family, they are also "sex positive" people and are (happily!) on the same page as we are on the...
I think your right to be concerned. I have 2 boys (now 14 and 12) and they both have been having erections since they were babies. I have a cousin who has 3 boys and her middle boy had never had one by age 9. The doctor said that it definitely was not normal for a boy not to have had one by then. They did some tests (no idea what kind--sorry) and found that he had some sort of hormone and vitamin deficiency. So, yeah, i would for sure get him to the doctor, because I...
Ryansma..I, for one, would most certainly NOT agree that most 13 or 14 y/o's are not ready for sex, so don't make that assumption! Some are very ready; some aren't. But if they are, then they need all the facts and tools available to them to make that decision. And if the decision happens to be to go ahead, well then...perhaps so be it.
I would have to agree with Unschool. My kids exist in a home world where there is no such thing as "bad words" because words are just words. What many people in the world refer to as "swear words" are just normal everyday terms (minus the racist and homophobic terms, which are not permitted) in our household. So the "swearing" issue online would not be an issue in our house. BUT if it is in yours, I would again agree with Unschool that option #2 would be your best bet.
I have to say that I fall in the camp of seeing nothing wrong with allowing teens to have a healthy sexual relationship at home rather than out somewhere that things can go wrong. I would MUCH rather that happen than all the bad things that could happen otherwise. I think mamakarata made the VERY right decision and am happy that she is happy for the kids! GOOD FOR YOU, mamakarata!!
To be honest, yes, I have tried it; yes, I liked it; and I don't have a problem with my teens trying it. As another poster said, it's fun, not terribly harmful, natural, and IMO should be legal. So I have a problem relating with not being able to admit that I liked it and don't object to it.
Both of my boys have very long hair and wouldn't wear it any other way! I think they look great with it that way and that short hair looks odd. Here (Ohio) VERY few boys have short hair, I am happy to report. (Better watch it, though....the last "long hair on boys" thread got unceremoniously -- and inexplicably--banned from here. Still trying to figure that one out...: )
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