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I currently have an early teen boy and a preteen boy. They both have TOTAL freedom to wear and dress how they want. Luckily, their schools have very liberal dress codes (in fact, basically NO dress codes), so they never have any problems with what they wear to school. My oldest is into the long hair, goth sort of scene and is absolutely NUTS about wearing the Satanic death metal shirts that are so very popular right now. So anything that has a pro-Satan theme on it,...
To the OP: we are very sex-positive parents as well, so what you are doing is GREAT! I am assuming that your daughter and her boyfriend will be sleeping in the same bed while he is there. If so, I would make sure that there were some condoms in the bedroom itself where they will be spending their nights. Keep up the positive parenting!
I've got some teen (female) relatives and they tell me that it's "SOOOOOO not cool to wear underwear!" They kind of laughed when I asked, even! They seemed to think I was about 100 years old to think that anyone really does wear it anymore! One of them even said, "no underwear equals easy access for the boyfriends!" ARRRGGGHHH! I'm gettin' old, folks!
Prettypixels, don't EVER consider what you did as "doing it backwards" on the sex-before-marriage thing; in my book, you DIDN'T do it backwards...you did it the RIGHT way! I am and always will be a FIRM proponent of the sexual exploration BEFORE marriage and then the waiting until the correct marriage partner comes along. The only difference between the way you did it and the way I did it was that I chose never to get married (and never will). But I am immensely glad...
I wholeheartedly agree with you, Jessy1019! I actually don't want my kids to wait until marriage, cause I just don't think they should. Like Jessy, I also hope they get to experiment (safely) with sex much more than I did (and I admit that I had alot of partners). I firmly believe that you need to know what you like and want before you commit yourself to a more permanent relationship. Let's admit it: sex is an important (and fun!) part of life, and as long as you know...
I would most definitely report it to the manager! I can't believe that there are actually posters who say "don't report it!"
First of all, if they have joint custody, no, she could not get in trouble for not asking first. Second, no, it is not child neglect. Maybe it is ill-advised, but no, there isn't much you can do about it. My advice...relax. It isn't that serious of a thing.
KeysMama, I figured that was what it was, but I just was making sure the OP knew that. Pas de probleme! :
Just a slight correction on the Etoile name: yes, it's French and means "star" but it carries an accent ON TOP OF THE E, not an apostrophe after it. That may have simply been because it's hard to make an apostrophe above the e on an English keyboard, but I am just making that clear, since it's something that I see alot and it drives me CRAZY, as I speak fluent French.
I find myself agreeing (as usual) 1000 % with unschoolnma! In our household we most certainly do not encourage or condone waiting until marriage for sex. First of all, we don't feel that it is at all realistic. Second, we also don't feel that it is proper to do. We do encourage personal choice, knowledge of how to protect yourself, and how to say "no" if and when you want to say "no." But we strongly reject and frown on the notion of waiting until marriage. ...
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