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Thanks, Momtwice! Me too ! Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Momtwice...I am TRULY SORRY (and somewhat taken aback) that you felt my use of "hassle" was a judgement of you! Nothing could have been farther from the truth on that one. That was most definitely not what was meant, and I am sorry you took it that way. Please try not to be that sensitive! Again, my statements were intended ONLY as an explanation of OUR home policies, not yours. Again, I apologize! Mamalisa, there is NO "magic age" in our household when the kids...
MomTwice, I applaud you for that if that works for you.It just doesn't work well with our philosophy in our household. My comment wasn't meant as a criticism of what you do, just a statement of our ways. We just never make our boys do any chores. They don't have to empty thge trash, do dishes, or even clean their rooms unless they want to. Are they generally slobs? YEP ! But that's their choice.
We are kind of in agreement with UnschoolnMa. Our kids are never required to do any chores unless they choose to do so (which is extremely rare). We (my bf and I) do almost all the chores, and that's OK. We let our boys be kids while they can. We just don't hassle them about chores at all.
There truly isn't any way that you are going to stop her until (and IF) she wants to stop on her own. This is a battle you may not win, and will just have to live with it and work around it.
I have to respectfully disagree with Chicky's opinion about the right of kid to keep his/her room messy if they want to. It's their space where they feel comfortable, so they should be able to keep it in any condition they want (barring physical danger to them), and that includes as messy as they want it, without interference from the parents or other siblings. In the particular case of the OP's dd, the younger daughter doesn't have a right to expect the older dd's part...
If it bothers your younger daughter, and if possible, I would let younger daughter move into another room (of her own). Then, my advice would be to leave daughter number #1's room to her own decisions. As was said before, it is HER room and she has every right in the world to leave it as messy as she wishes. The sneaking out is a totally separate issue. But the messy room is a victory that you need to let her have. Our 2 boys are extremely messy creatures when it...
I personally don't see anything wrong with a 12 y/o wearing a Playboy rabbit head! It's an image! I think this is overreaction.
2Sweeties, I know exactly what you mean: I have a friend who was not at all sexually active as a teen and very much regrets not having been. She basically says the same thing you do about it. I was just the opposite (as I mentioned above): I was quite the little promiscuous vixen and no, I did not, and still do not regret it, nor do I make apologies for it. It helped me know what I wanted. Was I what could have been defined as a "slut"? Probably, but it never...
Both of my boys nursed for a long time: My oldest (who is now 12) nursed until 8 1/2 years and my youngest until 3 months past 9 years (he is 10 now, so it has only been about a year or so). And if they had wanted to keep going well beyond that, I would have gladly let them! Yay for you for nursing until 8 and beyond. Let your child decide when to stop, regardless of the age!
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