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I just have a simple question: why would you NOT allow him to color his hair? That seems like such an easy decision to me. 13 is plenty old enough to make decisions like that, so yes, DEFINITELY let him color it...whatever color he wants. My boys (12 and 10) have had purple hair, green hair, pink hair, etc. and it's never been an issue.
He is 19 and you are worried that he is drinking?!?!?! That just seems odd to me. I think you would be happy that he waited that long! Most kids start MUCH younger than that! I don't think it is logical for you to be so concerned.
To the OP: Yes, I DEFINITELY think you are wrong to tell your 15 y/o dd that she can't date! Come on! She will do it anyway, so why bother?? 15 y/o is, in today's society, a very typical age for kids to have already started dating, so yeah, you should not be telling her that she can't.
My 12 y/o son is REALLY happy that our dating age is 13, cause he will turn 13 this year! Our other son is 10, so he has a while yet. The 12 y/o is VERY much interested in girls right now, so he would date right now if we would let him. Our 10 y/o is still a little young, but so far, he seems more interested in boys (based on some comments he has made), which will be just fine with us if he wants to continue in that direction as he gets older. If he finds a boyfriend by...
Chandraj...one of the boys helps out when he feels like it (which, granted, is very rarely), the other one has never done so (not even once). Either way, it's fine with us. We don't believe in forcing, and in our house it works out just fine. Neither of them ever does anything toward cleaning their rooms (they have separate rooms) unless the rooms become too unihabitable even for them (which is extremely rarely). And that is especially ok with us, because it is THEIR...
Sorry, but no, I don't see it that way. If you do, that's fine. I just don't see it as necessary. I let my kids make decisions for themselves on it. And if they choose not to do so, that's their business. I know I'll get flamed for this, but I also see nothing wrong with paying kids to help out (when they want to).
My boys (ages 10 and 12) have looked up porn on their own on the computer and I dont really have a problem with it. I would never present it to them, though. But I also wont try to stop them or block them from it.
I don't believe in MAKING a kid do ANY chores. The way I and my siblings were raised is that we weren't asked or required to do anything around the house unless we chose to (which we almost never chose to do). So we are raising our 2 sons the same way. If they decide on their own to do chores, they can. If they don't then that's OK too. Neither of them clean their rooms very often unless it just gets so bad even they can't stand it. Most of the time the rooms just...
If I had daughters at age 15, I would MOST DEFINITELY let them get naval piercings! I think they are great, and I would not stop my girls (if I had girls) from gettingthem.
I have to admit, I was very promiscuous as a preteen/teen and I do NOT regret it! To be honest, i would probably be just as promiscuous if I could go back to those years as I was the first time.
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