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We are Wiccan (witchcraft) and have raised our 2 boys as such. We celebrate kind of an amalgamation of xmas and the pagan Yule celebrations. But we emphasize the whole jesus bunk as just a story/fantasy that some people believe and find necessary. Our boys know jesus is just fiction and so much and aren't impressed by it at all.
This reminds me of when my MIL cut both my sons' hair (much to their objections, and to my RAGING ANGER) (I posted about it in a much earlier post). My boys had long hair (which they and we LOVED) and she took it upon herself to cut it. That opened up a whole can of worms and has ended in a total break of relations between us and her. Now my boys' hair has regrown to longer lengths than it was before (YAY!) and they no longer see their grandma (their choice, our...
To us, the biggest thing was letting our boys know early on that the whole "jesus story" was a fantasy (i.e. lie). In our household, it (yes, I said "it"--don't flame me) is as much a fantasy character as the easter bunny and Santa.
I had both of my sons' ears pierced at an early age and they have had them pierced several more times since then.
This was an extremely easy poll for me! We let our kids watch movies with sexual content all the time. (That being said, there's a difference between "sexual content" and "porno"). And no, the sex scenes they watch do NOT have to be between married couples. We are teaching our kids that sex is not dirty, that it is natural, and that a good healthy sexual life is a great thing. Sex is natural, violence is not.
My advice: let it go and don't worry about it!
My two boys (11 and 9) call us by our first names: Shann and Steve. That's ok by us and we have no intention of trying to change that at this point.
I would like to see this thread keep going. I sthere anyone else who lets their kids swear?
I think if I had seen you outside letting your kids play in a mud puddle, I would have had to stick my head out the window and said something too....but it would have been "HEY, CAN I JOIN YOU? LOOKS LIKE FUN!" I like to see kids get dirty, and a mudhole is a great place to do it ! More power to you for letting your kids be dirty kids!
We have always allowed our 2 boys (ages 11 and 9) to swear as much as they want from the very beginning of their lives. But we have taught them the difference between what we call "conversational swearing" and "conversational swearing." If a swear word is used to hurt or demean someone or to be belligerant, then it is not OK (confrontational swearing). If swear words are used in an everyday type of conversation, then it's 100% OK. The difference would be between our...
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