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I am an RN. I worked for my OB/GYN. They induced my first baby and then did the C/S the next day. For baby #2, I continued to work there, I had care with them, and they were aware of my strong desire for a VBAC. They knew nothing about my homebirth plans and prenatal care with a midwife. I had my baby peacefully at home on a Saturday. I called my doctor at her home the next day to let her know. She was surprised, but kind, asked the normal doctor questions (bleeding,...
I see that this is an older post, but some friends of ours lived in their basement for a while. They used a swimming pool liner for their roof to keep the weather out.
We switched to prepaid over a year ago. We have Virgin mobile because they let us keep our numbers. We are required to add $20 every 90 days to keep our service. We like to have cell phones, but we mostly just call each other. DH will call me on his way home, for example. We have terrible signal at home so we need our land line. This is a good compromise for us.
I have never posted on this thread before, but here goes. I am also trying to clean out the pantry and freezer. I love good deals, so they are packed. We also buy Angel Food, and I got two boxes last month. I have set a grocery budget of $15 per week, and that is what I have spent the past two Fridays. It is DH, DS (almost 3) and me. DD is 9 months and is starting on some table foods. We have home canned peaches, applesauce, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, green beans, and...
I don't know if this has been shared before, but here is a sample, very cheap menu. Add some fruits and veggies (apples or applesauce for example) for increased nutrition. I would not live on this forever, but it does give some good ideas and recipes for soups and legumes. http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/40dollarmenu.htm
Leave the lid off of your pail, part way or all the way to keep odors down. If mine does get stinky, I shake a drop of my tea tree oil/lavendar oil combo on a dry wipe and toss it in there. It really helps, but I rarely need to do this.
I had this problem. Cotton babies recommends bleaching monthly. Use 1/4 cup bleach in with your detergent. I could always tell when a month went by as the stinkies would return like clock work.
Prefolds are cheap to buy and easy to wash. We have some BumGenius that I used on my son, but when baby #2 came along, I bought more prefolds. We always snappi, I think because in the beginning with my son we had Gerber diapers and pull on plastic pants, so we had to. Now I still do it with my daughter because I like the snug fit. I think we do the Angel wing fold? My new love are the Thirsties Duowrap covers. Only 2 sizes get you from newborn to potty learning. We...
Thanks, all, for your encouragement. We went to PT this morning. The therapist said that she needs some trunk strengthening as she tested at the 7 month level for mobility. She left it up to me whether we proceed with therapy or give it time. We are going to do some therapy. She gave us some exercises to do at home and we go back in 2 1/2 weeks. The PT agreed that the issue was more due to her round figure than her cloth diapers.
Thanks for the imput. Bekah is very healthy, no GI issues that I have noticed. Her fine motor skills and "talking" are great. She does very well with self-feeding and will repeat sounds that we make.
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