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These are all great responses. I really appreciate the support and now I'm rethinking the whole idea that there needs to be some sort of a time frame at all. I guess I found the right group of women to discuss this with. I think for now I'll just go with her wishes. She very rarely asks to nurse during the day. It's 99% time for sleeptimes only and then a few times during the night if she wakes up. I'm a WAHM and we are together all the time, have our meals together,...
I'm so glad I found this forum. I'm still nursing Chloe, mainly just at sleeptimes because that's when she wants to. She was born 8/15/2003, so almost 17 months old. We have had a wonderful breastfeeding experience, after a very shakey start when my milk didn't come down for 8 days and Chloe got jaundiced. Once we passed that, I bf her exclusively, on demand, until 6 months when we started solids. And on demand ever since. It's been great. I'll be honest, I'm...
Me! I'm a single mom by choice AND I own a message board specifically for women who have chosen this route to mommy-hood. I'm 38 and at 35 started TTC using donor sperm. 23 months later I was pregnant for the first time (PCOS issues to deal with). My dd is 16 months old now. Sharing the link to my board in case anyone is interested. I'm not trying to steal anyone away from this board, but my board is just another resource for Single Moms by Choice. There isn't a...
Me too Kelly! You're all approved. See you over there!
Tricia ~ I gotcha! You're all approved! See you over there. K.
Hi Tricia ~ Once you register I have to approve you. I've approved everyone on the list this morning, so I'm hoping one of them was you. Please try to log in now, and I'm happy to have you! If you have anymore trouble let me know. We'll get you in one way or the other. Kristy
If you are considering this option, trying to conceive or already a single mom by choice, I'd like to invite you to join a brand new message community just for women like you. On Our Own Hope to see you there! Kristy
Hi! I just wanted to check in. I'm looking forward to becoming an active member of the boards. Happy Holidays!
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