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I have written to the airline now twice. Each time I've received an automatic reply with a reference number but I am still waiting for a personal response. It's been over a month.   We need to know what it is they are spraying over us. Not just in coach, in business class as well. It could cause severe reactions in some people. Especially in little children.  
http://www.vaccinefree.info/   The person compiled quite a few stories of unvaccinated kids, nice book.
Anyone aware of it?   They are "dis-insect-ioning" the cabines during flights. I have experienced it twice lately on two different airlines.   What about people, kids with allergies?   Here is more about it:   http://ashsd.afacwa.org/?zone=/unionactive/view_article.cfm&HomeID=1171   http://ashsd.afacwa.org/docs/OHW2004.pdf
Hi nia, Boy, I agree!   There is a LOT of good information in the interview.  He states that the Advantis pertussis vaccine insert paper warns about two possible reactions: SIDS and AUTISM   (I didn't know that!)   (The song about the death of his daughter is heartbreaking, I've only heard it once and can't listen to it again. I don't think it was in the interview)   Of course if you are sure of what you are doing (not vaccinating) then any information is...
Thanks Mirzam. Enjoy the interview.  
Michael Belkin -   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEq95DyPMjI   I also love his music. Although the one of his baby girl dying due to Hep B (12 years ago) is melancholy/sad. 
Quote: Originally Posted by Aquafina I am worried about that razor having bacteria on it as its in a slimmy shower.Its the bathroom I hardly use so less cleaning in there. Lo has one Dtap shot. So sorry for your LO but you handled it really well. Things happen. You are right, the razor does have bacteria on it and everything else that any surfact or anywhere you touch has on it. That is how it is. It is a wonder we all manage to live with...
H. Coulter wrote the book A Shot In The Dark and it deals with that subject and specifically the DTaP vaccine. Just remembered that Alan Yurko, an innocent man, was imprisoned because his baby died from bleeing on the brain. Again I believe it was the DTaP vaccine that was to blame.
I think the "whale" site is being hacked. I see all the links that show up as ***** are from that site.
Here is one - http://www.*********/vaccines/decline1.html Oh, here is the one you wanted - www.*********/vaccines/graph.htmlDECLINE IN DEATH RATES FROM INFECTIOUS DISEASE---AUSTRALIA][/b][/url] ok. for some reason they are getting messed up. I will post it this way and you have to add the www. *********/vaccines/graph.html *********/vaccines/decline1.html
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