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How old is your grandmother?
You might find this Inside Vaccines' article on Pertussis interesting.
There are many diseases in underdeveloped countries for which there are no vaccines available, that could scare me. But I would not vaccinate against them since I don't trust that a vaccine would prevent them.
Looks like the Brady Bunch were not afraid of MEASLES
My generation is immune to measles. All my friends and class mates had measles and we all came back to school healthy and fit. My parents and grandparents all had measles. They obviously survived. They were never afraid of measles. Neither am I. My generation considered measles something every child should get. I am hoping that my grandchildren get infected with measles somewhere along the way. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system so that there is little...
That article on Chicken Pox is really informative. We exposed our grandsons several times to cp and they never got it. None of them out of the 3. Well, just about a month ago, our 4 yo. came down with it. 20 some pox (that's all). We have no idea where he picked it up. His brother or cousin still did not get any symptoms although now they were really exposed from the very onset all the way through. Go figure! We consider them immune. They will not get the vaccine...
History of Polio Polio
From the above link: Quote: Polio also known as poliomyelitis or infantile paralysis That was before the vaccine came on the market. It became a different matter after the vaccine was introduced.
The chicken pox or shingles vax shed the same as if someone had natural shingles or chicken pox. The disease in your child would give her the same immunity whether she got it from a natural virus or a vaccine virus. In her body the virus would go through filters and mutate back to the wild virus which then replicates in her how body and gives her immunity. We never have to worry where the virus came from, just that it enters the body in the natural way(mouth or nose)...
Quote: A joint committee of the Ontario Dental Assoc., the Ont. Public Health Assoc. and the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario was formed about two years ago with the stated purpose of getting the Ontario government to set up and fund a Fluoridation Office with sole control over all information that the public can receive about fluoridation. The RCDSO and ODA presidents past and current have publicly asked Premier McGuinty to make mandatory water...
New Posts  All Forums: