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Quote: Originally Posted by nia82 I'm just wondering... I am talking about laws that a child needs to have a list of vaccines to attend public school or daycare. And did some states always have exemptions or are those newer additions? And do you know who lobbied for those laws? I really would like to find out! I now live in the US, but I'm from Germany and there are no laws for vaccines in school. I never even had a school physical, school and medical...
Don't beat yourself up. You did the best you could at the time. When we know more we make better decisions, that's it. Live and learn. But this is over and done with, so let it go.
Sure sounds like a reaction to me and I would have been scared to death to take him in for more shots. It certainly did something to his brain. Why not go with your gut instinct and avoid all other vaccines? It is the easiest and certainly the safest thing to do. Good luck with your decision whatever it may be. Ultimately we each have to decide for ourselves what's be for our child.
No one needs to file an exemption until you send the child to day care or school. So you can wait until then. Here is a previous thread on the subject: Virginia Vaccine Exemption
The mist would be shedding right away and everyone in the family got the immunization in a round about way. Take plenty of C and everything else you do for a cold, flu.
Quote: Originally Posted by DivineMrsM my husband and my 2yo are getting the Hep. i can't as i am breastfeeding. but i'm okay with my son getting that vax as there is an actual risk of him getting hep. so that one i'm cool with. the rest, not so much. She did not say which Hepatitis vaccine either one is getting. Since her dh is getting the "Hep." Vaccine (plus she would consider herself a candidate, if she were not nursing), I assume that...
double post
Your 2 yr. old is getting Hepatitis? But that is a sexually transfered disease, or you can get it from drug/needle use. How is a 2 yo in danger of getting Hepatitis???
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti What's not so funny to me is that those shots were prefilled. WHY? The 800,000 pre-filled syringes that were recalled are for young children, ages 6 months to nearly 3 years. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091215/...ne_flu_vaccine Quote: Originally Posted by amnesiac Because that's how any vaccine comes - it's either in multi-dose vials, single dose vials or pre-filled syringes that the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DivineMrsM that's what i mean. that we're really at no bigger risk in Mexico than we are in my backyard, right? Correct! Keep reminding yourself of that fact.
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