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Heidi, are you in Switzerland?
What if your 2 yr. old would get it naturally as might be the case if we have not interfered via immunizations? Then your 5 mo. old would be exposed just the same. If the 5 mo. old is being nursed, I doubt that he would get any symptoms anyway. He may have mild immunity for a while but may get cp again at some point. I probably would go ahead and do it.
What's not so funny to me is that those shots were prefilled. WHY? The 800,000 pre-filled syringes that were recalled are for young children, ages 6 months to nearly 3 years. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091215/...ne_flu_vaccine
Rotavirus Information
Actually, common sense and doing my math. 1.) My grandmother had NO vaccines. She lived to the age of 96 and never had any allergies, asthma, etc. She was healthy until she decided to leave us. 2.)My mother (we think) had the small pox. She is still healthy at age 86. To her allergies and asthma were foreign words. 3.) I had two vaccine, both that are no longer given. Small pox and oral polio. I had never heard of asthma or allergies until I was a mother...
Well, we didn't. I mean it wasn't out for my own 3 kids and now they don't vaccinate their own kids, so no one had it. No one in the entire family. For us it was not an issue, since natural immunity is life long and almost all kids have had it by the time they are 5. As with all vaccines, there are ingredients that should never enter a body. We would go with a vaccine that only contained the germs, but that is not the case and the side effects all come from the...
Vitamin C We use Sodium Ascorbate for sickness. Just in case you don't know where to get it, here is where I get mine: http://www.bronsonvitamins.com/48A/vitamin-c-1000-mg
For home schooling you can do as you please.
Lots of Vitamin C. Sodium ascobate to loose stool stage. ETA where I get mine (just in case) http://www.bronsonvitamins.com/vitam...-bioflavonoids
Has he been on any medication lately or had a vaccine, flu shot?
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