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dd had that problem after her second child. She says biotin - a B vitamin, helped her.
I'm just looking into something similar, it is called Organite. Ever heard of it?
Really hot spicy food is good at this time. Cayenne pepper etc. which is also good for the stomach. Raw garlic on buttered toast is another one. But you need quite a bit. Oh, I just remembered, horseradish, grated and mixed with whiskey and honey. Let it set and then sip it as much as you can handle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrshawwk I had 2nd degree burns on my foot a few months ago. I healed faster than my sis-in-law who got burned at the same time. I kept high on my vitamin C, high on cod liver oil, lots of vitamin E, as well as taking my multi etc. Even when the wound has healed over, I would keep vitamin E oil applied directly on the wound. I hope she heals up quickly! I agree with the vitamin C. That would help both the burn and...
Poor baby. I would absolutely not give abx for ear infection, it is not even effective and doctors have been advised not to prescribe abx for it any longer. They are supposed to recommend that you wait 10 days before using abx. The garlic oil will do the trick. I know your mom thinks she is doing something good for her and maybe saving her some pain. But quite the opposite is true. The abx will miss with her intestines at the same time she is having pain from...
Also use a cotton pad or glad rags instead of those chemical loaded kotex and such, which are carcinogenic in the long run.
There are plenty of parents who chose one or two vaccine and they used an exemption anyway. I think that's why they created "the registry". But then you have to figure if a child lives healthy until the age of 5, there is little value in missing with his health. He'll never be that healthy again after injecting toxins. jmho
Here is a link to Inside Vaccines about Prevnar
Quote: Originally Posted by Caidyn DS has not yet had any vaccines as we had decided to delay his vaccinations until he is 6 months (as we have no option of selective vaccines in our area) and his appointment is coming up in a few weeks. I still have concerns due to some of the following reasons and was wondering if anyone can tell me if they feel that they are real reasons to be concerned about? (He is exclusively breastfed and has not yet had any type...
I will just answer the one question since I don't have time to research the rest right now: Quote: Originally Posted by snomnky Do people need to get their children vaxed for school and that is why they wait? No, no one needs to get their children vaccinated for school. Vaccines are only recommended but not demanded. Every state has some sort of exemption.
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