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Quote: Originally Posted by kalimay My friend's baby shivers when she wakes up. It looks like she is cold but she isn't. They are not worried about it. She does it in the morning and after naps, I wonder if it could be blood sugar because she hasn't eaten in a while but she just does it for a little bit then stops. Honestly, if this were in a non-vaccinated child I would not worry about it as much as if it were in a vaccinated child. I always...
I would not vaccinate her with anything especially since she has asthma already which my have come from the DTaP vaccine itself. Did you ever read the book Shot in the Dark by H. Coulter? Maybe you could. No vaccine is ever tested on children with asthma. I wonder why? They may show that kids with asthma do much worse after getting vaccinate. Who knows? I have just lately read that a fresh glass of carrot juice every day in the morning is supposed to help very much...
Quote: Originally Posted by PlayaMama then how do people get tetanus? as, the bacteria must enter through some sort of puncture wound and there would be blood inside the wound? It's actually the spores that enter the body inadvertently. They don't try to get in but get carried in by whatever causes the wound. Let's say a bullet enters the body and does not come back out anywhere. It is trapped and there could be no blood that comes from...
The sooner she stops the better off her child will be. http://users.telenet.be/vaccine.dama...frenchhomepage
I meant to add, for healing the best thing is honey and a band aid during the day and leave it open to the air at night.
Tetanus can only grow in an oxygen free environment. Where there is blood (even one drop), and air, tetanus does not have a chance. Young healthy people don't get tetanus anyway especially not children. It is not eve a worry unless there is a severe burn over a large part of the body or a severe crush-type accident where there is a lot of dead tissue inside a body. Otherwise, don't worry.
I guess if this passes we will all have to be our own doctor. It is actually the only save way to treat an illness. Money only corrupts.
Inside Vaccines has some very good information about the DTaP vaccine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blessed_Mom Now she is 6 mo and we are wanting to give her HIB and another DTaP. But I have 2 ways to do this. Since we don't believe vaccines are necessary I am not going to give you a good reply. I just want to make you aware of the fact that a DTaP vaccine is not one vaccine. It is one shot, but is in fact three vaccines. That one shot alone injects 3 diseases. That would never happen in nature btw.
I have to say that whenever I read something like this study I am so glad that my children did not vaccinate the grandchildren at all.
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