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Oh poor thing! Hope she feels better soon.
I just wanted to have a little celebration! My 22 month has been stool withholding since December and it has been awful! 4-8 days of holding. Crying before pooping. But yesterday, we finally got his stool loosened up! We did it with some magnesium (Natural Calm) and cutting out any kind of constipating food and since he is so picky (and been very late coming to solids) he's basically only eating pears, yogurt and breastmilk (he has always been a very frequent...
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My DS is the same! He started this at 18 months and is now almost 22 months and still takes his nap from 10:30ish until about 12 noon. If I try to push it much later he has a meltdown. It is really frustrating as most fun activities in my area are also scheduled during his naptime. Even the playgroup I started myself has suffered as all the other kids have a different nap time. It is frustrating. But I expect eventually he'll start to shift his nap later.
I am just wondering. Right now we have one child, DS, who is 21 months old. I had always thought I'd have kids close together (around 2 years apart) BUT DS is fairly high need and still mostly breastfed (not interested in solids). So, we are waiting on trying for baby #2. They will probably end up being 4 or so years apart. We plan on homeschooling. I am curious, though, will it be harder to homeschool kids who are four years apart?
Thanks, Widdlelou! I helps to hear others stories. I wish my DS was more into foods and I think it would be easier. He just refuses all fruits but pear. He will drink prune juice but only a few sips a day. Same with water. He just wants to nurse. But I getting ltos of ideas of things to try. Sounds like fiber is key.
Thank you Mom2M! I have been trying to get more fiber into him but he is just so picky! He pretty much will only eat pears, yogurt and the fishsticks/chicken nuggets. He refuses all other things. He's also gluten-intolerant so there are so many whole grain things I cannot feed him. On my x-posted thread another mom suggested Fibersure as it is tastless and odorless and all natural. So far, if I add flaxmeal or flaxoil to anything he will flat out refuse it. So...
Wetcement, thank you! I will look into Fibersure. It may be a solution for us. So far my DS is so picky I have not been able to get him to eat anything with added stuff (flaxmeal, flax oil, etc . . ). He will take one bite, realize there is something else in it and refuse to eat more. But something that is tastless may be the answer!
X-posted in Toddlers My DS is 21 months old. He's been having a stool withholding issue since December after he had a bad bout of constipation. The only thing saving him right now is that he still does not eat a lot of solids and nurses a lot. So his stool is only firm at the beginning (he's holding it for about 6-7 days right now) but once he gets past the intial bit (an inch or two) it is very soft and easy for him to poop. Still that first bit hurts him and makes him...
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