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Congrats mama and welcome to your baby girl! Can wait to hear the details!
Good Luck mama! You can do it!
coming to you Carrie! Good Luck mama!
ELVs to you mama! Hope you can get some rest and things pickup for you and all goes well. Keep us updated! Good luck with your hypnobabies and your special "birthing time"
Quote: Originally Posted by Amanda_Reyasmom I agree with Kelly Remember this birth is about YOU not her. Your mother is trying to make it about her and that's crap. I also agree with Kelly and Amanda said exactly what I was going to post - this is your birth, it is not about your mother or your father or anyone but you and the baby. You have made a responsible decision for yourself and will continue to do so regardless of what your mother...
Carrie - Congrats to your SIL and baby - hope her healing goes well. And to you. This is the kind of birthing situation you hear on the news. Hope this is it for you! Foodmachine - I'm jealous of your aquarium trip. We don't really have an aquarium in St. Louis. Maybe if its still nice DH and I will head to the zoo for a bit. BBM - I am not a fan of your neighbors. I hope you figure out a solution that is best for you and the animals.
Awesome birth story - you are amazing mama! Congrats on beautiful Pearl! And Oliver is just adorable. Enjoy your new addition!
I knew we talked about vitamin k earlier in this DDC and some people posted where they bought their liquid vitamin K. This thread posts some links to places to get it online. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...hlight=vitamin It is a huge number of doses (4 hundred and something) but it is only a .5 oz bottle. The doses are just tiny. I do believe that MaerynPearl posted a link to where she bought her vit K too on another thread, but this is the first...
Deleting this thread because I feel better. No need for any worries. Point is, I bled when messing around with DH, we figured out what happened (stupid 5 o'clock shadow) and I will let my MW know about it tomorrow just to be open and honest. Good night.
Look at that cute face!! Congrats mama and welcome to Genevieve! So glad your rainbow baby is here safe and sound - and wow on the milk. You are amazing mama! Enjoy your little one!
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