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heading your way mama! You can do it!
Congrats mama!
Congrats Mama! and Welcome Faolan! Enjoy your babymoon!
Excellent birth story and even though I already said congrats in our DDC -- Congrats Mama! You were amazing! Way to not listen to those nurses when they told you to stop pushing - Ozzy wanted out! p.s. your last line says he was born in 2001 rather than 2010. Just a heads up.
your way Jenifer!
Mae- Not a good few days for you and the family - sorry to hear about Ds's bite and and all the contractions and nausea - hoping it turns into something soon. And hoping your family friend hears good news. LitChick & Foodmachine - hope your babies come soon too! AFM: Boss sent me home early from work yesterday to be nice and I felt "off" all evening. I was getting weird back pains and some BHs, but nothing productive. Ended up laying on the couch for most of...
Congrats Mama! So glad to hear that bf is going better - enjoy your babymoon!
Oh Kelly, he's is so cute! How is Emma adjusting? She doesn't look too sure in that last shot.
Congrats mama! Enjoy your babymoon with your new LO!
I cannot even imagine being told I should do something as innocuous as leave the house while pregnant, especially if there are not health concerns to warrant being cautious. It just sounds so archaic. When my GMIL was pregnant, she was told she couldn't walk up and down the stairs because it was bad for the baby - but they didn't mind sending her over to the well to fetch water for the household daily! I don't get it. I'm 39 weeks today and still able to function...
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