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It could be the outside layer too - what kind of covers are you using?   If you want to try a stay-dry layer that is easy, pick up some fleece at a fabric store and cut to cover the diaper where it touches her. Inexpensive so you won't have spent much if it doesn't work out. Just make sure it's 100% polyester fleece as that will pull moisture away from skin, if it has cotton in the fabric it will absorb moisture and keep it there instead.
DD is 32 months and isn't big on most nuts that we've tried but she adores pistachios and eats them regularly. I'd think they are too small to cause a problem, it seems like grape or hot dog sized things are the type to worry about. I've only stopped cutting her grapes in half a couple of weeks ago (and still watch her closely with them) so I may be more paranoid than most.
I wouldn't put it in the crib (either directly or under the sheet) because it would make the bed surface softer and baby mattresses are supposed to be nice and firm. At least on our mattress the "newborn" side is firm while the "toddler" side is soft and quilted. I think it would be lovely for play time though and especially if you'll be doing diaper free or other naked time with the babies. So soft and cozy!
We did it yet another way. We have a Roomba so it would vacuum a room while we were in a different one. Once DD got bigger she loved to watch it (and now at 2.5, chase it around the room) while it's vacuuming. It's more of a sweeper than a vacuumer though, I think.
The problem with not fastening the diaper around the baby under the cover is that when they poop (and they seem to so much at the beginning!) it goes everywhere. So if you do want to go that way it is certainly possible but plan to have lots of covers on hand to compensate. I would also look into covers with double gussets as you will want them to keep the mess in and not leak out. Thirsties covers have this, and I believe the MotherEase Rikki ones do as well.   I quite...
If it's not specific concerns but rather just general nervousness, have you looked into Hypnobabies? They have some great positive "affirmation" tracks that you listen to once or twice a day while relaxing to help you have faith in your body and the birth process. Just thought I would suggest that as it can help you feel more calm about the big event.
I personally don't see a problem skipping dopplers at each appointment, I don't see why the midwife would. I know my midwives ask at the end of each appointment "would you like to hear your baby?" and I don't think there would be a problem with me saying no. I do find it reassuring to hear that first time though. We typically go ahead and listen for DH's sake as I know he has trouble relating to the baby since he can't feel it moving or anything (esp. with my anterior...
I think kids figure this kind of stuff out amazingly well. I'm Polish as well and when my baby sister (born here in Canada but Polish was her first language and what we spoke at home) would refer to me at home she'd use my Polish name, but when we were out and about (i.e. at a grocery store) she'd use an English-ized version. She was 2 or 3 at the time but already she knew there was a difference.   With DD we opted to give her an English name that is easily translatable...
Yes, I was really irritated with our two dogs right after DD was born. I wasn't getting much sleep, breastfeeding was a disaster, things weren't getting done around the house. The last thing I wanted was to give them attention! I can't recall when it got better, but the dogs were very patient with our adjustment. Once I could walk comfortably, could bring DD on walks and to let the dogs outside on my own, and things got a little more under control everything seemed less...
I must be just weird about sugar cause I was thinking the other day that if we were going to hand out treats, I'd rather do those little bags of potato chips than candy.
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