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This thread has just the info I was looking for tonight! Thanks ladies
Yes, adding "handmade glass" to the description as well as details of the chain material in the descriiption woudl be good. If you are looking to snag an internet audience, you want to make it easy for them to see those details in the most obvious place to look, rather then hunting around for a separate page. Imagine someone clicks on your ad somewhere, sees a pretty necklace, clicks on the picture and gets right to the details of buying that necklace. Give them the...
Your site is lovely and easy to navigate. The pictures are clear and very nice. Two areas for improvement that I would suggest: 1) adding more details on the stones and chain. For $135 I want to know what type of stones they are as well as the details of the chain quality. Saying "soft oval" doesn't tell me if it's a stone or plastic. So, more details there would be essential for me. Also, it is much different buying a precious stone online then it is in...
Actually, the rules of the board are that no WAHM can reply to post advertising her own site in a "spam me" type thread. She/He can pm the original poster with their link. If others are also interested, they can post with a "pm me too". Otherwise if a person is not advertising their own site, they can post links freely. HTH
Good luck with your new setup! Let us know how you like it when it's up and running
I ran a yahoo store parallel with my main store front and I was surprised that it didn't really bring me increased traffic. I found I did better focusing on froogle and google at the time. I didn't think it was hard to customize, but I have experience working with html so I could tweak where needed. The store went up fast and I was in the rankings quickly, but I did not notice it jump my sales at all.
I have done some freelance writing, but not enough to call it a job by any means. I just write in my area of of interest and submit to like publications. I've had good luck so far. I follow the basics of writing from college English 101 or whatever that was, and so far so good. I have submitted 6 articles and they have all been published. There are online sources, local newspapers, magazines, tech writing...there are a lot of opportunities out there!
Anyone found any scooby prints that are water resistant? if so, do let me know!!!
Yes I know she was against it, but I'm trying to think outside of the box here I believe that while there may be one "great" way, that doesn't mean other ways are by default, worthless. There may still be some good worth for Vegans. Okay, so the Vit A question is one that Vegans/Vegetarians must have an answer for on their diets as a whole (because from what you are saying that is an issue for them regardless of SCDiet or any other Vegan diet...). I know that my...
And I haven't read through it, but Dr. Fine (EnteroLab) has helped many people overcome gut problems of a wide range and I am pretty sure he encourages a Vegan diet. Here is a link to his nutrition page http://www.finerhealth.com/Educational_Info/Nutrition/
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