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I just love this thread. It's always so comforting and inspiring to come back here. Aren't we coming up our second Thanksgiving on this thread? I remember that we shared our recipes last year. What a fabulous resource.    I've been making comfort food, stuffed green peppers with baked potato and salad; Roasted chicken with green beans and brown rice and am just settling back into the kitchen after a long trip. I can't wait to try to duplicate a squash soup with...
Glad to know you're good, CatsCradle. It's so reassuring to hear the real stories on the boards, something real rather than the news drama. I wish we could do something to help our members who are in need because of the hurricane, like a Hurricane Helper, but don't know how it would work. Just musing for now. I loved that easy way you could donate $10 as a text message for the Japanese Tsunami. Could we technically do something like that?
We're concerned about this too and are talking about ways to make the Due Date Clubs more visible in the new design (and were before that). Did you notice them in the drop down under Pregnancy?. Thanks for the suggestion. We're working on it.
Will pass that onto Huddler, thanks.
We're working on improving the color difference between the threads and other skins are in the works though down the road. I like that everything is in one place. It's a work in progress so do keep letting us know what works and what doesn't and thanks for your patience while we get the kinks worked out.
I might have an old one. I can't look until I get back home in two weeks, but will check out and let you know then.
Maybe we should announce my engagement to Dr. Paul Offit.    I love the ones with all the acronyms. We should have a contest to see who can make the longest sentence that makes sense with acronyms. What did DH tell DD about NIP?
Oh, wow, what an incredible number. 
I came across this new list of America's Dirtiest Cities. San Francisco, for example, is number 11 out of 20. This will be good to check out in preparation for voting.
New Posts  All Forums: