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Just posted this blog today on Vaccine Exemptions Under Attack. It puts what's happening in NM into a national context.
I totally OD'd on making grape jelly this weekend so I may never cook again. I'm afraid I'll have to eat out today. 
I'm happy about the crisp, pristine, mountain air and perfect temperature on this beautiful fall day.
And, of course, looks like there's 274 pages of crock pot threads here on Mothering! You can use any recipe that calls for slow cooking or braising. So glad you got your crock pot!
Thanks for that Bibimbap link, what a cool dish. I've been eating some Vietnamese food out recently and this reminds me of one of their dishes. I like dishes that one can just layer like this and add sauces to.   Last night I had gluten free spaghetti with sauteed eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, onions, and tomatoes, Butter and grated Romano. Salad with fresh tomatoes, raw carrot spears and thousand island dressing.
Esqui88, thanks so much for that detailed information. I have been struggling with understanding what happened and did not realize that there had been a judicial interpretation. Still, we do have the precedent, 30 years by my count, of accepting "deeply held personal beliefs," that is philosophical reasons for religious exemptions. How do you thing that this plays legally?
I just emailed with Dawn Richardson from NVIC. They are on this too and would like us to start a group here. More on that soon. They want to work with key legislators. Let's identify who they would be. I suggest Brian Egolf and Peter Wirth in Santa Fe.
The law does call for an exemption based on "deeply held personal beliefs" and conscientious objection. I'm no lawyer, but your statement could be framed more in this context, such as "My deeply held personal beliefs conscientiously object to the injection of a foreign substance into my bloodstream or the bloodstream of my children." I would leave out the opinion and just focus on what you believe in as simple and yet as vague a way as possible. Use the words from the...
I'm so sorry to be a bummer, friends, but ultrasound is not without risks. Studies showed that ultrasound changes cells. Here's an article about ultrasound in Midwifery Today by Beverly Beech, a well-respected British midwife. 
kanga2roo, what about asking a question to Bob Sears, the pediatrician on our expert panel here on Mothering?    I think you're onto something with your descriptions of this recurrent events. Good luck with the homeopath.
New Posts  All Forums: