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I wouldn't use them either, and have not been to an airport where they are used exclusively. I was surprised to hear Mercola say not to worry about them at the recent International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) conference in October. I can't find anything on his site. He seemed to be basing his lack of concern on the comparison of the amount of radiation from the scanner compared to the amount of radiation one is exposed to on the plane.
I'm in shock after watching tonight's episode of Private Practice. It's about a child bringing measles into a medical clinic. Parents who don't vaccinate are called child abusers and portrayed as pariahs. Measles is shown to be a serious disease, and in the episode a child dies from measles, something that is rare, happening once in every 5000 cases. Being that the total number of US measles cases in 2007 was 42, the likelihood of seeing a measles death is extremely rare,...
There's a sample letter you can link to from the action alert on the homepage. You can cut and paste what you like from the letter. See the link above.
You're right. I just called Congressman Rush's office in DC (202-225-4372) and they confirmed that the oversight hearing scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. However, no one was willing to tell me why it had been cancelled or when it will be rescheduled. I am awaiting a call from someone in their press office now. If anyone has a representative on the subcommittee, please call them to find out when the hearing will be rescheduled.
The action alert is on the homepage now. We will be adding a letter from Rob Wilson at Challenge and Fun later today. Please call or email your reps asap.
No problem. It's hard to imagine how much in advance we print the magazine and, of course, so much changes so quickly in the online world. I'm glad we all have time to contact our representatives.
Sorry the list is scrambled. It's supposed to be two columns. They say that the most effective action is to call or email your own representative to tell her or him your concerns. You can call your local office or the Washington office. Both of those numbers will be on the links in my post before. We decided not to do a group action because the individual contacts are given more weight.
I'm sorry that it looks like Mothering is not in support of small advertisers because of our praise for the CPSIA in the November/December issue. This is not the case. We copyedited Mindy's article in July, three months after the bill was passed, and printed the issue in early September. We were praising the action to ban lead and phthalates, but were not aware then of the impact of the law on small businesses. We have since been made aware of this by our advertisers and...
I understand your concerns about others advocating for spanking. As you know, Mothering has published many articles educating people about discipline without spanking and punishment and it is my personal philosophy to parent without punishment. I'm not familiar with the book reviewed on the site, but it sounds terrible. When we accepted the ad from Old Schoolhouse, we did not know that the site had published a positive review of a book that endorses spanking. When members...
Thanks again for your generosity. We've raised nearly $1000 already. But more important than that, all of us at the office are so moved by your kind words of support. We love you. I appreciate the offer of web savvy mamas to help with the boards and the site. I don't know if we need any moderators right now, but do let Cynthia Mosher know if you have specific skills you can donate. We don't intend to make the boards based on subscriptions nor do we intend to close the...
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