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I'm happy to host a meeting at my house in Santa Fe to make plans if we need that. You're right, Halo, if there is no change in the law and no public comment on the change in interpretation and a precedent for accepting closely held personal beliefs as religious beliefs, then the Health Department is just trying to intimidate us. No way!!
Thanks so much. I just posted on the other thread. Halo has done a great job. Maybe we should all get together.
I've been posting on another thread about this, so glad to find you. Thank you, Halo. And, thank you, Carol Miller. Carol is one of the original NM pioneers for vaccine choice.    I've been looking into this and plan to blog about it. I called Kenny Vigil at the Dept of Health yesterday and am going to send questions he says he will have answered by those who know about the exemption policy. Let me know your questions.   While it's true that NM has only religious...
Voting for Friday myself again this week as a happy day. I'm looking forward to putting my laundry room together this weekend and it makes me happy to have a nice, new laundry room. I love the mudroom idea!
maymay, you could also ask one of our experts a question. Do you know about our experts?   Jennifer Karon-Flores is a naturopathic physician.   Linda Folden Palmer is a chiropractor.   Bob Sears is a pediatrician.   Good luck, hon.
Russi, I appreciate your point of view, but we're not into defending or condoning spanking here at Mothering. The evidence is overwhelming that spanking is harmful. It is not just an opinion. I'm happy to offer you resources to understand this point of view, but want to make it clear that we're not here to debate the virtues of spanking. There is no debate.
Oh, dear, what a hard thing to worry about. On the American Optometric Association it says this:   "Babies should begin to follow moving objects with their eyes and reach for things at around three months of age"   Here are some idesa for how to recognize blindness in an infant. It suggests you ask your doctor for a visual response test and also has some home tests you can try.   I really know little about this subject and agree with Queen that if mama is...
I soak mine overnight and that works fine. I think a lot depends on how old the beans are and if it takes way too long, the beans are probably too old. When I forget to soak overnight, I bring the beans to a boil and let them set for an hour before simmering, kind of like what LightForest is saying. I've never used a pressure cooker. I think it also might be important not to put in salt until the end. I never do soak lentils.
It can seem that because something turns out OK, it was justified, but the end does not justify the means. And, while we obviously can love even those who abuse us, hitting another person is abuse. It is called abuse when someone feels entitled to power or control over another. 
Where is it kitchensqueen????    And, 28 quarts of tomatoes. That is great! I'm happy about the pickles and peaches I've put up so far.
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