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Here is a link to the ACTUAL LAW. Below are two salient paragraphs. Read the whole law.         B.           Exemption by certification of religious objection: A parent or guardian who cannot obtain an affidavit from an officer of a recognized denomination as described in Section 7-1 [sic], but whose religious beliefs, held either individually or jointly with others, do not permit the administration of vaccine or other immunizing agents, may apply for an exemption...
This is making me crazy. I heard about it last week on the radio and plan to call the NM Dept of Health as a reporter and ask questions about the new policy with the intention of blogging about it. I don't see how the Department of Health can change the policy by just changing the form. I used the form for many years while my children were school age so know that NM has had a philosophical exemption in practice, if not in law, for a long time. So, first I want to know...
Congratulations on your new job, Mom31. What about pasta? I make a vegetarian spaghetti sauce with chopped zucchini. And, you could add a salad and garlic toast. I love to make garlic toast just by mixing a lot of smashed garlic cloves up with butter and just buttering toast with it.    Playing on the toast theme, mushrooms on toast are great, and a nice vegetarian meal. Do you know The Vegetarian Epicure? I use the recipe from one of her great cookbooks.   Last...
Great resources. Thanks, everyone.
Thanks for the Bates suggestion. And, thanks for the 3 golden rule. So true! Most problems with kids are because of low blood sugar or being tired. Us too!
Is this crazy? Could you do home day care????
Any way you could do home health care? I suppose that would also have night hours. Good luck figuring this out. I'm sorry you got fired, but it sounds like your kids are happy going back to the previous place, so that's good. Good luck, hon!!
Tomorrow I am canning pickes, relish and peaches. Not to have for dinner, but just saying.
Yeah Mothering Mamas
Congratulations maymay! So good to hear from you. What is your baby girl's name????
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