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I wonder where these labels really come from. Attachment Parenting started as an organization to teach about the importance of the first three to five years of life. The media picked up the term and is mostly the place where it becomes divisive. We parents use it sometimes to introduce ourselves to others, but it's gotten to be such a charged term. And, I'll bet that most parents are like us and find themselves attracted to these things because they work not because they...
I agree with the last two posters. There are others things to do instead of spanking. And, rage and anger are the real challenges behind the actions. Anger happens quickly and goes away quickly. It's like a spark. Rage is about unfinished business from the past.   Thich Nhat Hahn says to hold our anger like a baby, to hold it over our shoulder and pat its back. We are often so afraid of our anger--afraid that we're bad for feeling it--that we feel guilty. But, anger...
Holding the vision of you as a birth warrior triumphant.
I would agree that a child this young is parroting something she's heard, either at home, on TV, at a friend's house, or at school. She's seen someone or something do what she is doing. See if you can figure out the influence and modify it. She's so young.   Here are some good resources for going deeper with this issue, may be too old for your DD, but maybe for later or to suggest for her school in the future:   Miss Representation, a 2011 film and study guide...
I am with you on this! As someone who became a parent before any of these labels, I've had a hard time with the dogma that so many associate with the words Attachment Parenting. I like natural family living or natural parenting or responsive parenting better. Overall, I just don't want the dogma. I found my own way to these parenting ideas or ideals and for me, what's most important is that we find our own way to authentic parenting, not following rules, but following...
I do love those nights though, when I don't "cook properly," as The Queen mentioned. Love to pull lot so things out of the fridge and cupboards and see what I can materialize from "nothing." These meal are always interesting.
Right on, bluedaisy.
I think it's best to support them both and see how it works out over time. I've found that sometimes I stay friends with both and sometimes it turns out I had a stronger friendship with one or the other. I don't think you have to decide, but be open and see how it develops. There is always at least two sides to every story.
Sounds like he just wants to be held all the time. Do you have a baby carrier? Two teeth; that hurts! Hope some of the remedies help. 
Talk simply to DS about fear; he understands that. Talk from your heart. He will understand that. "I'm scared about the new baby coming. So many changes. I'm trying not to be scared, but you know how hard that is some time."   How is your nutrition? Would more B vitamins help your anxiety? Have you tried any homeopathics or herbals that might be calming?   Good luck, hon.
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