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I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who helped and I have one more question. Well first, I'm going to try supplementing with more zinc but if still nothing changes, I may go and see a typical doc about trying another medication. Question is, are there anti-depressants that aren't SSRIs that are safe while nursing? Like an SNRI? Are there other forms?
No, neither of those sounds like me. In fact, I tried to have something that was just for me so I enrolled back in college and I'm doing amazing. It's such a great experience for me but it just hasn't done the trick for the other areas of my life.
Purplemoon, I know you're right. Actually, the newborn time was awesome, until 6-8 weeks. Now he's 10 months and, yeah, the adjustment has NOT been easy. I do just want to scream, leave me alone, several times a week. It's SO HARD to get the break that is the most important thing for my health because of my husband's hours, but I know that soon enough, my kids will be old enough to go to a sitter so I can get what I really need. I just feel like even if that's just 12...
Nicole, I have read your story and I am taking iodine. Dulse right now and I'm switching to Lugol's after this bottle is gone. Whome, I saw one doc that mentioned a SNRI but I never saw him again because we moved. I also have been thinking along the lines of a deficiency but nothing seems to be working, I feel hopeless often. I've never had these issues before. Thanks again, all of you. So much.
Thank you so much for your kind words and advice. I have taken that test but I didn't score very depressed. I am not a huge fan of tests like that, I feel like I'm brutally honest and I account for the good days that I have, and it changes the score and isn't a really accurate reflection, you know? I take natural calm magnesium sometimes. I take like 5-6 things and I keep getting more and more skeptical about all of these supplements, I feel like it's bordering on...
I tried Zoloft for 2 months I think and went all the way to 150mg with no change or relief. I also tried Celexa and Lexapro for about 4 weeks each with zero change, I forget the dosage, 20 mg maybe, that's when I started to think that maybe it wasn't depression.
What if mothering just isn’t for me? What if I picked the wrong path? What next? I tried medication for postpartum depression, three different ones with no response. I tried to treat what I then thought was adrenal fatigue, but hormone checks said my cortisol levels are fine, so that wasn’t the issue either. I considered different deficiencies or maybe food intolerances causing my irrational thoughts, but do these things just appear, 6 weeks postpartum, if they have...
What kind of oil can I substitute for vegetable/canola? I would like to use coconut but I need it for things like pancakes. (To mix into the batter.) Thanks!
So is there a recommendation on the best way to take iodine? I have kelp tablets. Would liquid drops be better? Is there a brand recommendation? I've seen Iodoral mentioned a few times, what's the story with that?
I like Arden a LOT. Beautiful.
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