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I'm going to try a B5 supplement since I've seen it recommended here a few times. Is there a best form or a recommended brand from anybody here? Thanks!
Laohaire, I am also a fan of weight training and I didn't want the equipment around the house so I do some resistance exercises (exercises that use the body as weights). It feels great and it's really effective. I google "resistance exercises" and use a different website each time and bookmark the ones I like the best. Also, Self magazine has great resistance exercises in each issue and they make them into cards so you can pull them out and re-use them. You can also...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiara7 I'd have to strongly disagree. Most of the "new" childhood illnesses are auto-immune. If it was as simple as poor diet and exercise - wouldn't these issue be solved this easily too? Genetics - so in the last 10-15 years, everyone's genes just started getting messed up somehow? Also, if it was environmental factors - wouldn't adults be affected too? Children are the ones that are being injected with all the...
Could my issues be hormonal? Does anybody know about hormone therapy? I'm grasping here, desperate to find the solution, and one of my friends suggested trying projesterone cream. Any words of wisdom on that? Gosh it sucks to have an mystery health problem. Especially one that affects my life so drastically.
Quote: Originally Posted by FrannieP Do you take magnesium? It really helps me. And it is often low in those w/ adrenal fatigue. One nice way to relax is to add a few cups of Epsom Salts (magnesium) to a warm bath and soak as long as you can. VERY relaxing. Other things that come to mind... GABA (amino acid) Check out a book called The Mood Cure if you haven't already. I would get thyroid levels checked, iodine levels, B12, Vit D and sex...
I am struggling with my health. I have severe mood swings and fatigue and I'm holding onto 30 pounds of weight since my youngest was born 8 months ago. I've tried it all. I thought it was ppd but I didn't respond to ssri's and I just don't think that's what it is any more. I get regular exercise and I've monitored my diet and most recently I've seen a naturopath and we're addressing what we think could be adrenal fatigue. I've been taking a supplement for that for one...
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...es+out+of+body I asked a similar question a few months ago and this is the thread. I personally found it pretty helpful so I thought I would share.
Well no change for me. I'm still suffering vicious mood swings and 30+ pounds of weight that gradually had come off by now with my first son. I'm treating my adrenal glands with no signs of improvement yet. I'm getting ready to check into the loony bin. If I wasn't nursing I think I would try a fast but I just keep searching for a solution to my deteriorating health. I guess the copper IUD is just fine for many people.
I like the site, too. She mentions that DTP is on the current schedule as opposed to DTaP. Is there a way to contact with the correction? ETA: I contacted them through Generation Rescue.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wildmstng84 but i've also seen cases where babies die b/c they didn't get them. Let's get more specific with this. What have you seen a baby die from that had a vaccine to prevent it?
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