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Thanks for the help. He was breathing fine through his mouth, it was his nasal passage that was completely blocked. I called the nurse again to tell her about the swollen and red eyes and she switched the abx yesterday. This morning he woke up a different baby. Eyes all better, nasal passage a little runny but much clearer and much less snot. My baby is back, I almost cried from relief. Now MY eyes are scratchy, red and they hurt but it's not too bad. I'm pretty...
Your words are reassuring. Thank you.
My poor little 7 month old is really sick. It's so bad. First, there was a rash on his chest. The NP we saw yesterday said that the rash probably wasn't related to his other symptoms and that it was probably exzema but I'm mentioning it just in case it is in fact relevant. The rash popped up a week or two or maybe even more before the fever. The fever was never too high, in fact I only took his temp a couple of times and it was around 101-102 but it lasted for 5 or 6...
Well I got mine out today. I don't have periods, I'm postpartum 7 months and my son is EBF. So I reached and I could touch the strings but not grab them. My insurance covered the visit and it only took about 15 seconds. No problem at all! I'll post here in a few weeks to update.
I saw that when I googled but that cover looks weird! I wasn't sure if that was it, that's why I was wondering if somebody could take a quick look in the last issue. Thanks, though!
In the last issue of Mothering there was an ad for a magazine for Grandparents. I've given away the issue and it's not in the new one. I think it's called Grand? Does anybody have the issue and can you tell me where to go to subscribe? Thanks!
Same symptoms here with me. I've had my thyroid checked and it was fine. I'm on my THIRD anti-depressant with not much change and I'm getting this sucker removed in less than 2 weeks. Not soon enough. The last 6 months have been so awful for me that I wish I would have gotten Mirena. We're just going to stick with condoms and consider hubby getting a V. I also supplemented with extra zinc and it didn't help. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will work!
I would love to see a place like this offer seminars given by doctors opposed to circumcision.
My first son loved the Hotsling but my 6 month old despised it. He just hated being cradled, he's always been an upright kind of guy. I've learned that this is kind of common. I got a wrap and put him in there upright and when he was big enough, moved to an Ergo. He's still like this, he started sitting up before he was 5 months old. If your baby is happy in the Bjorn and not the Hotsling, I bet this is the same issue I had. You could try a stretchy wrap like a pp...
Just thought I'd bump this with one last hope that somebody has experienced either of these things.
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