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My youngest was also born at 8lbs 10oz. He gained a pound a week for the first 3 weeks of his life. He still gains like crazy and is about 20 pounds at 5 months.
I've actually noticed the exact opposite so far with my boys. My older boy was vaccinated on schedule and ahead with his motor skills. My almost 5 month old isn't rolling and still has a hard time grabbing things and he is vaccine free. Night and day. Of course he is only 5 months old and he may very well be an early talker or something. My 2 year old seems to be sick a lot so we will see how that compares in the future. I'm prety anxious for my baby's second year to...
That was beautiful. She is beautiful! I love the music choice as well. Thanks for that.
I've never tried either one but if I were to get one, it would be the Kozy because of the pocket. I use an Ergo and I love the pocket, I use it all the time. So my opinion may not be worth much here but I thought I'd throw that out there!
My older son is the same, long and lean and I have a pair of adjustable waist levi's for him that are great. I think I got them at Sears or Costco?
Thank you so much!
You know you're right. It doesn't even matter if it is true or not! I don't know why I wanted to know so much.
First, let me say that I am an intactivist. I have 2 boys, both intact. I just had a quick question. That horrible woman on The Doctors show repeatedly mentions that circumsicion reduces the risk of spreading STDs. I searched around and it's easy to find information about HIV specifically, and how flawed the small study was that made this claim but what about other STDs? Is this actually true? Even if it is, I am firmly against RIC obviously. I was just...
I agree with the sticky suggestion. Mother to two boys. First fully vaccinated until 12 months and deeply regret it. Second son never been vaccinated.
Quote: Originally Posted by grniys I just lost a lot of respect for the Nobel Prize. Yeah. Instantly the Nobel Prize lost all meaning for me.
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