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Quote: Originally Posted by megincl Carseats. Babe hates being in one. I think she senses it even before she's in. She screams the entire time. Ugh. It is heart wrenching and nerve wracking. Any hints? I'm feeling a bit trapped as I'm facing life of not going anywhere that I can't walk....(aside from dropping off DS at school, which will prove to be harrowing, potentially). Help! DD was like that. It didn't get better until she was...
Every night when I go to sleep on my back, I'm ecstatic. Not so ecstatic when the baby wakes me up five minutes later then poops all over me and the bed so that I have to change all the sheets in the middle of the night, but hey, that's part of the fun, right?
Date + time of Birth: July 19th, 10:19 pm Username (real name) Sometime Edd July 4th or 5th Baby Name + Sex: Baby Boy - still no name! Gestational age: 42 weeks, 1 day Weight + Length: 7 lbs 4 oz, 20.5 inches Arrival details + weblink to photos or birthstory etc: We planned another homebirth, but had an unplanned vaginal hospital birth after a non-reactive non-stress test. The ob broke my waters to start labor and he was born two hours later.
Quote: Originally Posted by shenanegans DH keeps coming up with such dorky suggestions, its ridiculous. Last time, DH wanted to name our daughter Rapunzel. Okay, he didn't really WANT to, but he just kept suggesting it, anyway. Needless to say, this baby is unnamed, although we do have three names on the "maybe" list.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamakaikai I'm not doing so great at having proper meals at all. I just don't have the energy to put together a meal and be 9 months pregnant and take care of a 2yr old and then clean up the messes. I was supposed to make us some real food yesterday, which turned into today, which is looking unlikely. At least it's fruit and veggie season, so we're snacking okay...
When we filled our tub when DD was born, we ended up boiling water on the stove to supplement as the water in the tank cooled. Meant a faster fill in the end... Just a thought. And we got the cliche of boiling water while someone was in labor, too!
The first item on my to-do list has been to make a to do list. You guys are really helping with that - thanks!
Never heard of babies coming on an eclipse night, either, but my midwife last time suggested that lots of babies come on the full moon. Sure enough, dd came on a full moon (well, 6 am the morning after)... So eclipses - why not?
I'm don't really have any helpful suggestions, but I just wanted to say that this has been a big question in our house this week, but I think we've finally resolved it (after much anxiety). Our situation is different, since we're having a homebirth, but DD is only 2.5 and still needs someone to be with her exclusively during the birth. We finally called my mother Wednesday morning and asked her to come in July (from across the country) and be here for the birth. This...
Congratulations! That's been one of the names on our short list, so obviously I love it!
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